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Sunday, March 01, 2015
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1. Educational Video Games
Video games get a lot of negative press for the violent content and addictive nature of many titles. However, for every newsworthy violent game out there, there are quite a few healthy, educational titles available as family-friendly alternatives. When choosing video games for your family you need to consider the system, subjects, and ages you want to involve in your family gaming plan. You can find games on any number of subjects,... Read More

2. Appropriate Video Game Systems for Your Family
With a new set of video game systems coming out every few years it can be tough to decide the best system for your family's needs. Unfortunately, because this is technology we're talking about, "hand-me-downs" are mostly out of the question when it comes to game systems. Luckily, consoles are lasting longer between new versions and many family-friendly games can be found at reduced prices. Handheld vs.... Read More

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