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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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1. Best Sunscreens for Kids
When you're standing in the aisle of your local pharmacy or superstore shopping for sunscreens for your kids, you might be a little overwhelmed by the choices. There are numerous sun protection products for children on the market right now, in every consistency from thick cream to weightless "sport" sprays and ranging in price from economical to "I don't think so." {relatedarticles} All this variety may make you think... Read More

2. Choosing the Right Sunscreen for Your Family
Most of us picture a warm beach when we think about sunscreen. The truth is, no matter where the location or what the temperature, any outdoor activity that prolongs exposure to the sun should come with a good application of sunscreen. There are many different types of sunscreen, categorized by protection levels such as SPF, UVA/UVB, water resistance and waterproofing. Add to these specialized sunscreens; such as ones with tanning... Read More

3. Do You Need a Facial Moisturizer?
The short answer is yes. Most women need a moisturizer, whether they have oily, dry or combination skin. Facial skin has different needs than the skin on your body, so you can't just use one all over. But with so many products on the market, making the wrong choice can mean your wallet and complexion take a hit. Not only should you consider your skin type before you buy, but also whether or not you need a formula with SPF to protect... Read More

4. Be Sun Savvy: Set to Protect
The heat is on - and it's only going to get worse. All the SPF in the world often isn't enough to protect your child from the beating sun in those hotter-than-heck months. But there is a ray of light. You can take other fool-proof measures to cover your kids up and keep them from being burnt to a crisp. Of course, sunscreen is always your first line of defense. It should be applied before your child ever leaves the house. Even on cloudy... Read More

5. Kids Sunscreen 101
Here comes the sun. It's summertime, and most children are spending the majority of their days in the great outdoors. Between summer camp and family fun, it feels like your children are constantly being exposed to those deadly rays -- like it or not. What most parents fail to realize is that there is actually an art to protecting children from the sun. Of course, the first line of defense is to always keep your child covered as much as... Read More

6. Which Sunscreen is for You?
Not sure how much or how little sun might damage your skin? We're here to give you tips on the best formula and SPF for your unique needs. Most people need sunscreen on at least their faces each and every day of the year, and for this purpose, a light, non-greasy formula with an SPF of 15 will suffice. And in the summer, that level of protection is perfect for tan-aholics who still want to catch a few rays for that sunkissed look... Read More

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