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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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1. Why Are You Fat?
You think you couldn't eat another bite after a big meal, but when dessert comes out, you just have to help yourself. Or you're watching TV and eating out of a big bowl of buttery popcorn. You look down, and all of a sudden, the bowl is empty. Sound familiar? {relatedarticles} There are many factors that can cause overeating, including a lack of awareness. Simply paying attention to your surroundings - including... Read More

2. An Apple a Day Isn't Cliche'
Help keep those doctors away and start eating that apple every day. Apples are low in calories and fat and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. Apples also have a high water content. This teacher's favorite shiny red, green or yellow fruit also contains two types of fibers. Insoluble fiber helps give the sensation of having a full stomach and aids digestion. {relatedarticles} Flavonoids and boron, both found in... Read More

3. Why Aren't You Losing Weight?
If you think you're pulling out all the stops in order to lose weight, yet the scale still doesn't move as quickly as you'd like, then it's time to take stock. Simple, subtle mistakes can derail any honest diet effort, so take the opportunity to examine your habits and banish those weight-loss blunders. If you've tried slashing calories in order to lose weight and it worked for awhile, then you may see the pounds creep back on after... Read More

4. Family Wellness: Don't Mention It!
If you've been trying to get your family to adopt healthier habits, whether it's eating better or moving more, then stop nagging. Trying a more positive approach could benefit everyone more. And being sneaky about it doesn't hurt, either. If you're not comfortable even broaching the subject of weight loss or health with your children or spouse, then just don't mention it. You can help them adopt those healthy habits without them... Read More

5. Danger Ahead: Bypass The Bowl & The Bag
We've all done it before. Sitting down in front of the television, you grab your favorite bag of cookies or chips and munch away. Before you know it, you've almost completely demolished the package of said snack in its entirety.{relatedarticles} It's mindless eating, and it gets the best of all of us. Unfortunately, binges come at a price. Consider these calorie counts. One can of Pringles potato chips is comprised of six servings. Each... Read More

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