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Friday, April 18, 2014
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1. The Best Sports Workout
While the benefits of working out in a gym are plentiful, indoor exercise sometimes leads you down the road to a place called boredom and burnout. When this happens, there's a simple solution: Reverse direction and take it outside! Participation in outdoor sports can breathe new life into your fitness program. You'll work different muscle groups while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Instead of waiting online for gym equipment, you can jump... Read More

2. Don't Leave Fitness Out in the Cold
It's easy to slack off on workouts during the coldest times of year, but you'll regret it once bikini season comes around in a few months. Stay on top of your fitness by choosing to work out outside at least one day a week. Revolutionary materials, like moisture-wicking fabrics, make it easy to stay warm and comfortable when you layer them. Bring something warm to sip that'll also keep you hydrated along the way - green tea offers flavor and... Read More

3. Sheen Not Dead from the White Stuff Yet
Every day is a holiday for Charlie Sheen, or a holiday party, at the very least. The Two and a Half Men star is up to his old tricks just days after ex-wife Denise Richards shot down rumors that the troubled actor had met his demise in a tragic snow skiing accident. While Richards tried to convince the world that the free-spirited freak was spending the holidays close to home, that couldn't be further from the truth, according to... Read More

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