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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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1. When Is a Fitness Gadget a Gimmick?
When you see those get-fit-quick fitness products advertised on TV, what's your first reaction? The irresistible temptation is hard to resist when big results, like a "six-pack in 30 days!" are promised. When the ads are just so believable - and when famous faces hawk them - it's tough not to grab your wallet. {relatedarticles} But to separate the scams from the legit claims, ask yourself a few questions and be... Read More

2. Makeup: Many Happy Returns?
How many times have you bought a lipstick, foundation or other cosmetic that just wasn't right? The guesswork involved in how the color will look on your skin by simply looking at the bottle is frustrating and annoying, especially when the gamble doesn't work out. Some stores have reasonable return policies for makeup, but some are less forgiving. And when you've dropped a lot of cash on a high-end brand, it can be really heartbreaking... Read More

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