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Monday, March 02, 2015
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1. The Alkaline Diet
Do not think batteries -- think balance. That is the crucial element to improving your health and lowering your risk for diseases like cancer, according to proponents of the alkaline diet. They say the body's pH level should be considered when it comes to our diet. When we load up on large chunks of protein,... Read More

2. The Firm
It is known as The Firm for a reason. This aerobic, weight-training combo creates tight, tone bodies courtesy of seasoned fitness veterans. It is apparent from their flab-free figures that these instructors practice what they preach. And they are going to help you Transfirm yourself with their system. ... Read More

3. The Rosedale Diet
Strict low-calorie diets have received a bad name over the years. However, there are those medical experts who say that you should go low. Dr. Ron Rosedale, one of the leading authorities in metabolism, explains that studies show a strict diet low in calories helps achieve a sleek body and a longer life. Dr.... Read More

4. Abs Diet
The Abs Diet is not just going to change your life -- it will save it. Those are the inspirational words of author David Zinczenko. The editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine promises that you will be able to transform your abs in just six weeks -- if you follow his program complete with a healthy... Read More

5. Eat More, Weigh Less
Dr. Dean Ornish is one of the most respected names in the medical industry. His program has actually been proven to reverse heart disease without surgery. The Eat More, Weigh Less plan is a low-fat, plant-based diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, soy products and other... Read More

6. Gold Coast Cure
A five-week health and body makeover, The Gold Coast Cure was created to reverse 10 diseases: obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma, arthritis, cancer, vascular dementia, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. This three-pronged plan features a balanced diet of whole foods, a 30-minute... Read More

7. 10 Nutrients Women Need
For years, vitamins and other supplements were viewed as a "one size fits all." However, many recent studies have differentiated between men and women and have discovered supplements that are especially beneficial for women. Here are the top 10 nutrients for women: Folic acid or folate Folate, or synthetic folic acid, is a B vitamin that's especially important for women. Pregnant women whose diets do not include... Read More

8. Secrets of Strength Training
Most people think of strength training as a great way to build muscle and increase strength, but there are many more benefits you may be less familiar with. Strength training involves placing a heavier load on a muscle to stimulate an increase in the number of muscle fibers, making the muscle stronger. Types of strength training include working out with free weights or weight machines at the gym, using resistance bands or the body's own weight for... Read More

9. Adding Calcium-Rich Foods To Your Diet
by Angeline Oppenheimer Calcium is an essential mineral for boosting bone health and staving off osteoporosis. A recent report from Harvard Health News concludes that calcium lowers the risk of colon cancer. Other health authorities recommend calcium for regulating blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and weight control. Getting plenty of calcium may prevent insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. ... Read More

10. Osteoporosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
By Peter Rodrick Basically, osteoporosis means porous bones. In the Greek it translates as "passages through bones." (This makes perfect sense if you look at the images of osteoporotic bone as opposed to normal bone.) Osteoporosis is a silent disease in that there is no physical sensation associated with it.... Read More

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