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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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1. Fat-free vs. Low-calorie: Which Way Is Best?
by Ysabel J. Doran Before you throw that jar of fat-free mayo or those fat-free muffins in your shopping cart, thinking they'll help you lose weight, consider this -- fat does not make you fat. It sounds like a paradox, but in fact, it makes perfect sense. Fat on your body does not come from the fat that you eat. It comes from calories you consume in excess of what you use... Read More

2. Survive Celebrations without Overdoing It
From parties to potlucks, it seems like almost every event attend is planned on a platform of eating... or overeating for most of us. Instead of following our regular eating routine, we save room by skipping meals. Unfortunately, by party time we throw caution to the wind and start scarfing down every morsel we can get our hands on. Suddenly, those creamy dips, fried egg rolls and chips don't seem so sinister. The key is to eat... Read More

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