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Friday, January 30, 2015
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1. Making A 5-Ingredient Chicken Dish
Finding the time to cook a well-balanced meal isn't as difficult as it sounds, even for busy families constantly on the go. Keeping chicken in the fridge or freezer, and using ingredients typically on hand in the pantry opens up a variety of meal options that are quick, easy, and tasty. In addition to chicken, ingredients such as cream soups, salsa, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, and vegetables can be mixed, matched, and tossed to create an... Read More

2. 10 Cooking Ingredients You Should Always Have On Hand
We have all experienced that moment when you wander aimlessly in your kitchen wondering what to make for dinner. You haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store and now have to pull together a meal with whatever is on hand. This is one stressor in your life you can eliminate if you keep these 10 cooking ingredients on hand. 1. Pasta Pasta offers a variety of options for whipping up a hot, delicious... Read More

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