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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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1. How to Grill a Steak
A sizzling, succulent steak; just the thought of one makes your mouth water. But how hard it is to properly prepare the best beef? You can surely get a sublime grilled steak at a fancy steakhouse, but how many times have you been disappointed with the steaks at a friend or neighbor's backyard barbecue? Or worse, at your own? You may have premium barbecue equipment, but you... Read More

2. Hamburger Helpers: Healthy, Tasty Burger Recipes
by Jennifer Mae Summer is grilling season and time to break out the burgers. Plain old hamburgers won't do this summer. So be creative! Surprise your family and friends with a hamburger loaded down with fabulous taste. Look for unique toppings, mix-ins and condiments for your heavenly hamburgers. Here are some creative ways to grill your family and friends some heavenly... Read More

3. George Foreman Grills
by Angela Pollock Knock out the fat! That has been George Foreman's signature saying since 1995 about his line of grills. The George Foreman Grill has come a long way from the simple countertop versions found in college dorm rooms. This kitchen aid can be found in a multitude of colors, styles and shapes with outdoor versions now being available to consumers. But do these grills... Read More

4. Campfire Cooking
It's almost picnic and camping time across most of North America. For that next trip into the woods or at the park, consider these treats-especially for the kids. S'mores This is every kid's favorite (including big kids). Simply put a marshmallow on a stick, roast it, and while it's still hot, slap it against a piece of chocolate bar and sandwich it between two graham crackers. Banana Boats Cut a banana... Read More

5. The Hot Dog Toaster
Some like it hot -- hot dogs, that is. Imagine a device that would enable you to heat your franks and toast your buns at the same time. It's no joke. There's actually such a thing and we've put this crafty kitchen aid to the test. Hot dog connoisseurs rejoice: the invention of the century has finally arrived! Here is a device that lets you pop in your hot dogs and buns together, press down, and make preparing hot dogs as easy as toast.... Read More

6. Food Safety's No Picnic
Summer is a great time to eat al fresco, whether you're grilling or having a potluck -- or both. But besides the bugs, be sure you don't invite some other unwanted critters to your meal. We're talking about bacteria that can make you and your fellow picnicgoers sick. Bringing food outside to allow people to serve themselves is the first thing that might put diners at risk. Hot summer temperatures allow food's temperature to increase... Read More

7. Have a Safe Labor Day Barbecue
If you plan to celebrate summer's last days with a cookout, then there are a few safety tips you should know before firing up the grill. Grilled food is usually a better choice than fried or creamy foods because there's no coating and no grease. The smoke, rubs and marinades add an unbeatable flavor that make grilling appealing, not to mention bringing the party outside into the great outdoors. But that same smoke and fire that... Read More

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