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Friday, March 06, 2015

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1. 3 Amazing Ways To Fill Your Life With Happiness
By Michael Lee Happiness is a state of mind. Although certain circumstances can't help but affect you, the decision to laugh or cry remains yours to be made. So instead of drowning in sorrow, why not teach yourself how to become a happy person? Turning your frown upside down comes with a lot of benefits.... Read More

2. Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Hair
A lot of people actually pay a good deal of money just to make themselves look more attractive and feel better about themselves, but what they don't know is that they can actually achieve this easily by keeping fit and staying healthy. Having lustrous and shiny, full hair is not always due to extremely expensive salon treatments but of impeccable hygiene and a good diet. Antioxidant vitamins play an important role in achieving... Read More

3. Your Diet Is Skin-Deep
What you eat is written all over your face. Think you're getting a balanced diet? Take a look in the mirror just to be sure. As the old adage goes, we are what we eat, and nothing reflects that sentiment more than your skin. When you're slashing calories from your diet, it's important not to slash skin-boosting vitamins and minerals. Dieters' skin can sometimes look sallow, discolored and dry. So what treats should you feed your skin?... Read More

4. 10 Beauty Products Every Girl Should Have
We all know we have natural beauty inside and out; it's just that the outer beauty can always benefit from a little boost, no matter how minimal. There are a few essential must-haves out there if we want to cast that radiant glow to the world at all times. In addition, using these beauty products is a joy unto itself - a little refuge in your day when you can do something just for you. But it's not just about the face and... Read More

5. 10 Must-Have Products
Even the most au naturel woman relies on a core group of beauty products to get her through the day. From tweezers to lip gloss to protective foundation, beauty products are a part of our everyday life. But with so many options out there, it's important to know which products are must-haves and which products are A-OK to leave on the shelf. The goal is to have an arsenal of must-have beauty supplies that make your morning routine a... Read More

6. How to Wear Bangs
Bangs are one of the most stylish ways to eliminate wrinkles without having to rely on costly creams or Botox injections. OK, maybe not eliminate, but mask. A fashionable fringe on the forehead is cute and covers those pesky little lines that can appear after years of raising our eyebrows in surprise or furrowing our brow in concentration. Bangs can instantly transform your appearance and the entire look of your face, depending on... Read More

7. Product Review: Mascara
Unless you have permanent eyelash extensions, chances are you use mascara. If you don't, consider that it's an easy way to add depth to the eyes with literally just a few flicks of a wand. The variety of mascaras out there are almost endless - from waterproof formulas when you're out playing in ocean waves to volume-boosting numbers that will accent your sexy red dress on a special night out. There are even colors to choose... Read More

8. Nail Polish Product Review
When you're shopping for nail polish, it's easy to get drawn in by all the eye-catching store displays. Who can pass up neatly stacked towers of tiny shimmering multi-colored bottles of fun? You might be tempted to buy one of each. But all nail polishes are not created equally, and there's no point spending your money on a product that won't yield the desired results. {relatedarticles} Which brands or formulas of nail polish... Read More

9. Get Rejuvenated: Pamper Yourself in 10 Minutes
Having at least some me-time everyday is important. But between kids, jobs, errands, maintaining a household and the other 10,000 things we do everyday, finding that time can be difficult, to say the least. Fortunately, almost all of us (if we really tried) could find 10 minutes somewhere in our busy day to do something great just for us, but what can you do in 10 minutes? As it turns out, quite a lot. {relatedarticles} ... Read More

10. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: How to Tell It's time for an Update
Imagine you run into a high school friend whom you haven't seen in 20 years; you hug, you quickly play catch-up and she says; "You haven't changed a bit!" It's easy to take that as a compliment, particularly if you were prom queen and head of the cheerleading squad, but if part of that "trapped in a time warp" phenomenon includes your hair (and Aqua Net), it's probably time to consider an update. Though some women can pull... Read More

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