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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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31. Diet and Exercise Without Going to the Gym
Exercising and dieting are tasks that are very difficult for many of us -- just the thought of it makes us queasy. There are some simple ways to get out and get fit, and you just might enjoy yourself, too. Some people like to get up and head to the gym every morning, before most of us are even out of bed. We all know that even a little exercise will be good for us, but we just don't have the time or the motivation. Gym memberships... Read More

32. How a Food Journal Can Help Your Diet
by Rita Chaney Keeping a food journal may be the best-kept secret to dieting successfully. What exactly is a food journal? What should you include in your food journal? Personalize your journal by including the elements you need to experience successful weight loss or maintenance. Food journals are helpful to keep for a number of reasons. What is a Food Journal?... Read More

33. Banish Boredom: Rejuvenate Your Workout
Have you lost your motivation to work out? Getting stuck in a fitness rut is a common cause of the exercise doldrums that might cause you to skip your workout routine completely and fall back into unhealthy habits. Still, there are dozens of ways to freshen up your workout routine and reduce the chances of workout boredom. When you're determined to get in shape and maintain your healthy lifestyle, you'll need an action plan to keep things... Read More

34. Seven Ways to Discover Joy
Many of us reach a point when our lives become routine, dull and thankless. We lose our sense of meaning and direction. There seems to be a lack of purpose and feelings of hopelessness permeate our very being. We do reach a time when we are tired of being emotionally constipated and seek out ways to break this numbing cycle. The time has come to venture into something new. Here are some ways to discover joy: Listen to Music -- Select... Read More

35. Ways to Commit to Get Fit
Even when you're determined to get in shape and finally lose the extra weight, it can be hard to get going on a consistent fitness routine. Adding exercise to your daily routine and keeping up with your workouts can be a challenge, but you'll be able to achieve your goal when you make a commitment. Committing to get in shape will help you overcome the obstacles of just getting started with that new sport and keep you motivated for the... Read More

36. Navigating the Gym: A Beginner's Guide
Navigating the gym is no simple task for newcomers. Fitness equipment can be intimidating for members who've never used it before. For people who don't already have a workout regimen, the choices can be overwhelming. The following pointers will help gym novices become familiar with their new surroundings in no time. Don't Miss Orientation Besides a tour of the building, orientation may include important extras, such as health... Read More

37. To Lose Weight, Have Faith
In 2002, the National Center for Health Statistics under the governance of the Centers for Disease Control conducted interview surveys of 31,044 adults to discover the frequency with which these people used Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to supplement their health care. An estimated 43 percent of those surveyed said that over a one year time frame, they used prayer at some point for personal health. Many dieters in... Read More

38. The Best Sports Workout
While the benefits of working out in a gym are plentiful, indoor exercise sometimes leads you down the road to a place called boredom and burnout. When this happens, there's a simple solution: Reverse direction and take it outside! Participation in outdoor sports can breathe new life into your fitness program. You'll work different muscle groups while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Instead of waiting online for gym equipment, you can jump... Read More

39. Motivating Music
If you've been having a hard time sticking with your workout routine, music may help you stay on track with your fitness resolutions. Music can be a huge motivation when you're working out, giving you a chance to break out of a humdrum routine and synchronize your movements to your favorite songs. Listening to fast-paced and uplifting music can help turn your usual workout into a fun, heart-pumping routine in no time. Depending on the type... Read More

40. Slow and Steady Wins the Diet Race
Have you ever wondered why more than 90 percent of dieters regain weight soon after their weight loss "success"? Dieters who choose a crash diet or extreme weight loss plan might enjoy the instant gratification of quick weight loss, but most end up regaining the lost weight and even a few extra pounds the moment they are "off"' the diet. Health experts continue to tell us that the only way to lose weight in the long-term is to maintain a healthy... Read More

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