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Friday, March 06, 2015

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1. Making A 5-Ingredient Chicken Dish
Finding the time to cook a well-balanced meal isn't as difficult as it sounds, even for busy families constantly on the go. Keeping chicken in the fridge or freezer, and using ingredients typically on hand in the pantry opens up a variety of meal options that are quick, easy, and tasty. In addition to chicken, ingredients such as cream soups, salsa, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, and vegetables can be mixed, matched, and tossed to create an... Read More

2. Cooking Lesson: Seasoning Cast Iron Like the Pros
In the days before we had non-stick cookware, we had the next best thing - seasoned cast iron cookware. While non-stick cookware has certainly outdone cast iron cookware in the non-stick category, cast iron pots and pans are still favored by many chefs, including the professionals because of their durability and ability to retain flavor. But, if you're not lucky enough to have a hand-me-down from Grandma, you may find yourself... Read More

3. How to Make Homemade Candy
Most people fear the task of making homemade candy because they hear stories of candy thermometers and high-heat, quick-preparation methods where one wrong move could cost you the recipe. We've put together some great low-fuss recipes that will be a hit in your candy jar! {relatedarticles} Truffles Don't think that fancy decorated truffles are a candy shop exclusive. They're quite simple and fun to... Read More

4. How to Make Risotto
The secret to a great-tasting, smooth and creamy risotto is patience. While it may take a little more time and attention to make this Italian favorite, it is definitely worth the wait. And once you see how versatile and easy it really is, and discover the countless dishes that can be made with a risotto base, you won't mind it a bit. Risotto is traditionally made with... Read More

5. How to Steam Fresh Vegetables
Vegetables don't have to be boring. There are a variety of ways to prepare vegetables without losing color, texture or nutrients. And we're not thinking salads and a thousand ways to dress them up. Steaming vegetables is a great and viable option. The process is quick, rather hassle-free and produces nutritious and quick dishes to complement any meal. Steaming is a simple... Read More

6. How to Roast Peppers
by Dawn Lewis Roasted peppers are a great way to bring out flavor and add unique flavors to many different dishes. Peppers, either sweet or hot, can be roasted in a variety of ways. Once they are roasted they can be added to salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and much more. Let's first look at two different ways to roast peppers. Roasting One way to... Read More

7. How to Make Pizza Dough
Whatever mood you are in, for crust that is thick or thin, herbed or stuffed, you are in luck. When you make your own pizza crust, anything is possible. Whether you want a supreme pizza with all the toppings, a vegetarian pizza or a simple cheese pizza, you can make it happen. You are in control of exactly what goes into the crust and onto the pizza. You are only limited by your... Read More

8. How to Grill a Steak
A sizzling, succulent steak; just the thought of one makes your mouth water. But how hard it is to properly prepare the best beef? You can surely get a sublime grilled steak at a fancy steakhouse, but how many times have you been disappointed with the steaks at a friend or neighbor's backyard barbecue? Or worse, at your own? You may have premium barbecue equipment, but you... Read More

9. How to Make Homemade Bread
by Jared Garrett The Western world loves bread. It's hard to find something better than the sliced version. But have you ever considered making your own bread? Doing this at home, let's say without a breadmaker but with a bread mixer, can be a deeply satisfying experience. Just imagine: It's a cold winter day and you're sitting down to a cup of hot chocolate with a slice of warm,... Read More

10. 10 Cooking Ingredients You Should Always Have On Hand
We have all experienced that moment when you wander aimlessly in your kitchen wondering what to make for dinner. You haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store and now have to pull together a meal with whatever is on hand. This is one stressor in your life you can eliminate if you keep these 10 cooking ingredients on hand. 1. Pasta Pasta offers a variety of options for whipping up a hot, delicious... Read More

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