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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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21. So You Have a Picky Eater
If you have a picky eater, mealtime can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out. It is very frustrating for parents to watch their child only fiddle with their food at dinner or not even touch it, claiming they "don't like it." Then what happens? Thirty minutes later guess who is hungry? You guessed it. Your little picky eater. {relatedarticles} Jamie's mother was concerned about Jamie's lack of interest in... Read More

22. Eat Until You're Almost Full
Do you eat until you're stuffed? Well, then it's time to call it quits...before you feel full. While you eat, the stomach sends a signal to the brain, saying it's full. However, it usually takes about 20 minutes for the brain to get this signal, which gives you plenty of time to overeat. The secret is to quit while you're ahead. Even if you're still a bit hungry, take a time out and wait a bit. If you still feel unfulfilled, eat a... Read More

23. Dinners for Busy Families
Dinner is the last meal of the day and a time when families can get together and discuss their day. It is also a hectic meal for busy moms who are just getting off of work or who have been busy with other activities all day. If you are a busy mom or you know a busy mom, here are some menu planning tips to help make dinner meals easy and even fun. 1. Schedule your meals a week in advance. This is one of the most important planning... Read More

24. Emergency Food Supplies: What You Need
by Kate Johns Tornado season, hurricane season, earthquakes, snowstorms -- these are just a few natural occurrences that can change your life in a flash. It is always best to be prepared for the eventuality that your family may be without electricity and heat or a home for a few weeks. Emergency services may knock on your front door in the middle of the night to... Read More

25. Hannah Keeley: Helping Families Get Back to the Table
Author, TV host and mother of seven children Hannah Keeley sat down with My Daily Moment recently to discuss how she masters the challenge of getting her family to the dinner table to share a meal and conversation. For many American families, simply putting food on the table has become a challenge as a result of the economy. Hannah has teamed with Libby's Fruit and Vegetables and Feeding America to help those families have... Read More

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