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Thursday, March 05, 2015

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131. What's So Great About Grapes?
Surely you've heard about the health benefits of wine through the grapevine by now. A compound found in wine - a polyphenol called resveratrol -- present in red wine in particular, can reduce heart disease risk and ward off some types of cancers, plus Parkinson's disease. But are grapes just as good if you're a teetotaler? New studies indicate that the majority of wine's health benefits come from the grapes themselves - the juice, pulp... Read More

132. Is Salad Dressing Making You Fat?
A salad is healthy... until you cover it in high-calorie, high-fat dressing. Most people are surprised to find out that a serving of salad dressing is a mere two tablespoons. Two tablespoons of ranch dressing cost 148 calories and 15 grams of fat, while two tablespoons of Caesar dressing add up to 156 calories and 17 grams of fat. And really, how many of us stop at just two tablespoons? Dressing up your salad is one of the quickest... Read More

133. Add Avocado to Your Menu
Most people confuse an avocado as a vegetable when it's actually a fruit. Whether used in a salad or prepared as guacamole, avocado isn't just delicious -- it packs a mean nutritional punch. Avocados, which are low in calories, are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin. Each of these health-enhancing properties provide a different benefit -- from converting carbs to glucose to fuel the brain and nervous system to enabling... Read More

134. Treat Yourself to Something Cool
As the weather gets warmer, it's tempting to cool down with some creamy, dreamy ice cream, but if you're priming your body for bikini season, those confections can cause a major setback. The most decadent flavors can set you back more than 300 calories and 20 grams of fat - and that's just for a half-cup serving size! Even so-called "light" selections can pack in more than 20 grams of sugar, not to mention cholesterol. So what's an... Read More

135. Make Sensible Substitutions
A great way to cut calories is to make smart substitutions. Dieting isn't about deprivation, but it is about making choices that will help you get the most bang for your calorie buck. Most people fail to realize just how fast things can go bad. For example, say you want to substitute French fries with a loaded baked potato. A small potato has just 128 calories. Add one tablespoon of butter and that's where the trouble begins. You've just... Read More

136. Fruit Facts: Packing it in
Fruit is a perfect diet food, especially for those of us who have a mean sweet tooth. It can curb cravings, boost antioxidants and offers a multitude of other health benefits. But the kind of fruit you eat is almost less important than how it's packaged. Whether you prefer canned, frozen, dry or fresh, weigh the pros and cons and the impact they have on your diet. Dried fruit is certainly convenient, portable and tasty. But it's also easy... Read More

137. Make Easter a Peep Show
Feeling guilty about enjoying a few marshmallow bunnies and chicks? Don't. Fill up Easter baskets with plenty of Peeps - the marshmallow-y confection that comes in bunny and chick varieties. Spring used to be the only time when the treats would hatch, but now you can find them during other holidays. They're now the bestselling, non-chocolate Easter confection! Chocolate Easter treats tend to pack lots of fat and calories, but not... Read More

138. Microwave Popcorn: Not Your Bag
Microwave popcorn might be an on-the-go dieter's best friend. It's a convenient, sometimes lower-calorie salty snack option. It's a whole grain, and it offers plenty of fiber per serving, which fills you up. And it's certainly better than the movie theater's fat- and salt-laden offerings. But microwave popcorn is far from easy on your health. No matter how convenient that bag of microwave popcorn appears, there's a good chance it's loaded... Read More

139. Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Stop being lazy. Instead of paying someone else to do your spring cleaning, get busy. Shovel snow. Rake leaves. Cut the grass. Cleaning up the yard is a great way to get active. Not only are you getting the job done, you're also burning calories at the same time. Believe it or not, shoveling snow by hand can burn up to 408 calories an hour. By raking leaves for an hour, you stand to burn 240 calories. Make the neighbors jealous by... Read More

140. Can a Raw Food Diet Help You Lose Weight?
While raw foods are not new, eating plans that follow this trend in healthy eating appear to be gaining strength across the country. The focus of the diet is on eating uncooked, highly nutritious foods -- fruits and vegetables. Of course, these foods are low in calories and extremely good for you, but eating them raw or uncooked is favored as it is believed that they lose nutritional value when cooked. Those who subscribe to the... Read More

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