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Sunday, March 01, 2015

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11. Gym Makeup Secrets Revealed!
If you're one of those women who don't leave the house without putting on a painted face, it's probably a stretch to assume you'd go anywhere without makeup... even the gym. You're probably not alone. Look around your favorite workout facility, and you'll likely notice that not every face is fresh. If you can't be compelled to bypass the pre-workout prettifying session, you should keep these tips in mind at the very least. The last... Read More

12. Best Beauty Organizers
If your bathroom counters and drawers are a jumble of brushes, jars, pots, powders and bottles, then it may be time to find a way to rein in the mess. Even when you have a large makeup bag, you can find yourself rummaging through to find that little lip gloss you like so much. Why not make things easier? You don't have to spend a fortune at the container store to get the job done. First, start by tossing all the products you don't like... Read More

13. Fabulous Fall Looks for Your Face
So it's time to put away the bronzers, sunkissed brights and other summery colors. Does that apply to your makeup, too? The short answer is yes, but fall makeup can be really beautiful if you choose the right colors. Cooler weather is a great time to try out heavier, smokier looks like a dark, smoldering eye. Just remember a couple of things about dark makeup - adjust the shade of your color to the shade of your skin;... Read More

14. Beauty for Busy Moms
Being a mom means waking up, getting the kids fed and ready for the day, perhaps helping your husband do the same, and oh yeah. Getting yourself ready, too. If looking polished and pretty is just an afterthought for you, it doesn't have to be. You can get a glam look - or at least fake it - as quickly as you can throw on a pair of sweatpants. First, start with that ponytail that is a popular addition to the "mom uniform." Twist... Read More

15. How to Make Eyes Look Bigger
Wondering how to manipulate your eye makeup to make those peepers really pop? There's no better or faster way to go glam than simply concentrating on the eyes. There are a few tricks that makeup experts use to make eyes look their widest to achieve that doe-eyed look. First, start with eyebrows. Tidy up, especially underneath brows. Just a few errant hairs can draw attention downward and make eyelids look smaller. Be careful as... Read More

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