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Thursday, March 05, 2015

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1. How To Re-Grow Hair
You had a thick glorious head of hair, and then you started to notice it was getting a little thin in spots. Then a little thinner and thinner and then where did it all go? If you are faced with this dilemma, let us explore the options. Hair loss can be an issue faced by men, women and even children. Hair loss can have a detrimental effect on one's self-esteem. You can approach the issue with depression or with zeal to find a... Read More

2. Styling Tools
Styling tools are a crucial part of our daily beauty rituals. If they're not part of your daily regimen, that means one of two things: a. they should be; or b. you have perfect hair (and we greatly envy you). Sure, every now and then we get a free pass (the alarm didn't go off, the coffee carafe rolled off the kitchen counter and shattered, etc). But it's amazing what a little heat and metal can do - and with minimal time too. ... Read More

3. How to Tame Curly Hair
Women, who are forced to spend hours with hot curlers in their hair, or work with curling irons and various hair products trying to attain a head of beautiful curls, often envy those women who are lucky enough to come by stunning curls naturally. However, women with wavy hair that looks as if they just rolled out of bed or got caught in a wind tunnel may not always agree that naturally curly hair is something to be jealous of. ... Read More

4. Diffuser Product Review
Learning how to make the most of your curly or wavy hair can take some practice. You've probably gone through some trial and error over the years regarding hair care and styles. From the sky-high teased look to the ill-advised attempt at bangs, chances are you have a few photos that prompt "What was I thinking?" moments. Luckily, caring for curly or wavy hair is easier now than ever. Almost every hair care company has a product line... Read More

5. Hot Hair Accessories for Your Workout
It's possible to get fit while looking fashionable. The secret is making a small investment into the hottest hair accessories, designed with your workout in mind. While cheap elastics are the old standby for most women, some female athletes want a hair accessory with a little more substance. That's where these hot items come into play. These functional accessories keep your exercise regimen from getting hairy at the most... Read More

6. How to Pick the Perfect Hair Products
A general rule of thumb when picking out hair products is that what is perfect for you may not be so perfect for someone else. If you have fine hair, you definitely don't want to slather on a tonic meant for someone with curly, frizzy hair who needs to tone things down a bit. The key to any hair care regimen is a shampoo that cleans your hair without stripping it of natural oils and shine. As for conditioners, beware of products high... Read More

7. Mousse
Mousse is a versatile foam hair-styling product that can be used on most hair types with great success. When it's first dispensed from its aerosol housing, mousse is a foam that closely resembles delicate whipped cream - but once you put it in your hair, it magically disappears while amping up the volume. {relatedarticles} Mousse comes in a few varieties, and can be used on curly hair, straight hair and especially on hair in... Read More

8. How to Choose Your Ideal Hair Straighteners
With straight hair in style, many women wish they could straighten their curly or wavy hair. Heated hair straighteners offer the ability to do this, but choosing the right one is important. It could mean the difference between straight but healthy hair that looks great and a lot of split ends and heat damage. Here's a quick guide to buying a straightener for your hair. Know that heat damages hair. Even with the best straightener... Read More

9. Tips for the Best Possible Hair Care
Healthy hair care is easy if you know what you need and what to stay away from. Taking care of your hair with the right products and styling tools is important for shiny hair that is not damaged, dry, or in poor shape. Repairing damaged hair can be done with little effort. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you want the best care for your hair. First of all, great hair care starts with knowing what damages hair.... Read More

10. Straight and Sleek: 5 Hair Straightening Techniques
Sleek, shiny, straight hair is a sought after look that does not come naturally to many women. Luckily, it is not difficult to achieve. Depending on your time commitment, budget, and possible aversion (or not) to chemicals, there are lots of options for hair straightening techniques, either at home or at the salon. At Home At-home straightening techniques... Read More

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