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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

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101. Beware of the Silent Killer
You think you're safe eating those "healthy" frozen entrees? Well, think again. They're loaded with the silent killer, better known as sodium. Many people are so consumed by the fat and calorie content of foods that they overlook the sodium content. {relatedarticles}The problem with sodium is that it is hidden is so many foods, even those sweet treats you wouldn't think had any salt. Sure, the body needs sodium -- it helps maintain the... Read More

102. Holiday Eating Strategies
Healthy eating usually takes a back burner to rich luscious foods when the holidays come around. Traditional foods laden with fats and calories tempt our palates and we tend to overeat. Vegetables are served in buttery sauces or sweetened concoctions. Fruits are hidden in flaky pastries and syrupy desserts. Candy and cookies are considered a food group. With all these rich and fattening foods to eat, your wellbeing can suffer. Strategies... Read More

103. The 90/10 Diet Rule
For many people, dieting is like a death sentence as it symbolizes the end of their love affair with food. Gone are the weeklong - or even month-long - binges that are replaced by a strict regimen of healthy eating and exercise. Nobody's perfect, especially when it comes to what they eat. If you try to do things exactly by the book and consume every meal on plan, you're setting yourself up for failure. The time will come when you... Read More

104. The Hidden Danger in Frozen Foods
Frozen entrees are a dieter's best friend...and with good reason. They're convenient, low in calories and come in a variety of meals. Even better, these ready-made meals fit with just about any weight-loss plan. When a Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice or Weight Watchers meal is for lunch, you know the proper portion sizes have already been laid out for you. And where else can you enjoy chicken tenderloins, cornbread stuffing and whipped... Read More

105. Are You Getting Enough Fiber?
A person should consume 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day. While many people get their daily intake of fiber from fruits and vegetables, high-fiber cereals such as All Bran (1/3 cup = 8.5 grams), Fiber One (1/2 cup = 14 grams) and 100% Bran (1/2 cup = 8.4 grams) are all optimum sources for fiber. Don't ignore fiber for the rest of the day - you can incorporate it into your snacks, lunch and dinner. Some fruits have very high amounts of fiber;... Read More

106. Oat What a Feeling!
There's oatmeal that's loaded with additives and preservatives... and then there's the real deal. The experts encourage you to start your morning off with a bowl of plain oat flakes. Oats are rich in fiber and soluble fiber, making them a much-needed staple in your diet. According to the American Cancer Society, oats have plenty to offer. Oatmeal reduces your risk of cancer, lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels, slows down the digestion of... Read More

107. Holiday Party Survival Guide
'Tis the season to be jolly. The holidays are in full swing, and that means you probably have plenty of gatherings, parties and dinners on your plate... as well as plenty of season's eatings that are loaded with fat and calories.{relatedarticles} There are ways to stay on track and still enjoy the festivities. It's simply a matter of some strategizing. For starters, it's far too commonplace to arrive at parties feeling absolutely... Read More

108. Side Dishes That Won't Widen Your Waistline
It's hard not to love side dishes. Most of us take comfort in cheesy macaroni, creamy mashed potatoes or fluffy rice dishes. We're talking about the beloved sidekicks that can derail just about any diet in spite of the best-intentioned main dish. Take traditional mac and cheese. A 12-ounce serving of the scrumptious side made by Stouffers has a whopping 529 calories and 25 grams of fat. That has more calories and fat than most meals. A... Read More

109. Glycemic Index: The New Diet Movement
When it comes to managing your weight, the two most important letters you need to know are G and I. They stand for glycemic index - and they've become the buzzwords of the diet movement in recent years. The Glycemic Index chart ranks carbohydrates based on their effect on blood sugar levels. Carbs that break down fast and lead to blood sugar spikes are given a high value while carbs that move through the body slow are assigned a... Read More

110. How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds
You thought you'd never get here, but you're just 10 pounds shy of your goal. The last leg of your weight-loss journey can often be the most difficult. After all, if you lose a pound a week, then it could still take you another few months. Don't give up hope and don't stray from your plan. Instead, change your workout to extend the duration and raise the intensity. Look for ways to burn additional calories, even if it means adding in an... Read More

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