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Thursday, March 05, 2015

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11. Black Friday for Internet Teen Sensation
Fridays just got a little more depressing for wannabe singer Rebecca Black. Critics of the viral tween queen took their hatred for Black's ditty to the next level, threatening the middle schooler's life. Instead of worrying about boys and book reports, Black is dealing with some pretty adult issues. She's currently under police protection in California after receiving two death threats. According to Anaheim Police spokesman... Read More

12. "Bed Intruder" Star Popped for Pot
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...and hide your weed? Apparently, it's a good idea when Antoine Dodson is around. The Internet sensation, whose hit "Bed Intruder" was tops for a short time on iTunes, was charged with marijuana possession in his native Huntsville, Ala., over the weekend. He also faces three other misdemeanor charges of failing to appear on a traffic charge, speeding and for failing to have insurance. Dodson laughed off... Read More

13. Dark Knight Star Visits Aurora, Colorado
Christian Bale has made headlines in the past for his volatile personality, but he showed a softer side this week when he trekked to Aurora, Colo., the site where 12 people died in a mass shooting at his new film, The Dark Knight Rises . After an Internet campaign urged Bale to go visit survivors, particularly children, dressed in his Batman costume, he showed up incognito in a black t-shirt and jeans to hang out with... Read More

14. Get Online To Get The Weight Off
When it comes to dieting, your computer can be your best weapon in the war against weight. There's plenty of research backing up online weight loss services. A study conducted by Brown University showed that dieters who received weekly counseling from a therapist via the world wide web lost three times as much weight in six months as those individuals who only had access to diet and fitness info on the internet. An additional study... Read More

15. 5 Signs It's Time to Dump Him
Maybe you think you're just going through a rough patch, or you've recently had a big argument with your mate. Regardless, if that little voice in your head is hinting that maybe you'd be better off without him, then perhaps you should listen up. Obviously, there are clear-cut signs that it's time to kick him to the curb, like cheating, substance abuse or other serious issues. But there are also a few more subtle ways that let you... Read More

16. Your Online Dating Profile Is Terrible: Here's Why
If online dating isn't working out for you, then don't be so quick to blame the potential matches you're unsuccessfully pursuing. If you're consistently striking out – or just getting no response at all – then start with a look at your profile. It might be worse than you think. Experts and those who get results on online dating sites have some tips for ways to optimize your profile and make more successful... Read More

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