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Friday, February 27, 2015

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11. Dogs and Pets Provide Health Benefits
By Robert Benson Do dogs provide health benefits? Believe it or not, they do! Did you know that owning a dog and pet ownership in general, can help a person in many ways? Owning a pet can improve your mental wellness, reduce your visits to the doctor, improve your cardiovascular health and allow for faster... Read More

12. 5 Powerful Feng Shui Principles You Can Use Immediately In Your Home
by Cucan Pemo In Chinese feng shui translates to wind and water. As a form of knowledge and mystical instruction it dates back several thousand years to ancient China. Thousands of years ago, the rulers of China needed to consider carefully the geography and layout of the country, since constructing any buildings, bridges or infrastructure depending... Read More

13. Can You Release Stress With Reiki?
by James Calvin Stress is an evil six-letter word that can be so harmful to your health. Work can be stressful, traffic jams can be stressful, raising a family can be stressful, and sticking to a strict budget can be stressful. Stress causes headaches, muscle aches, irritability, insomnia and a broad range of other problems that you can... Read More

14. 10 Tips to Find the Right Reiki Master for You
by Samantha Hall With the number of teachers, trainings, and institutions teaching Reiki, interested apprentices are at a loss as to where and who to enroll under in order to receive the Reiki attunements necessary to practice the art. It is also quite hard to find which Reiki institutions and Reiki masters are truly qualified... Read More

15. Words Matter: 10 Steps to Healing from Word Wounds
We have all heard and probably recited the nursery rhyme "sticks and stones can break my bones…" You know the rest: "But words can never hurt me." If only it were true. The fact is that words do hurt. Unlike a bruise or broken bone, we can't see the wound on the outside. Most of us can recall instances from our own lives when words cut deeply, causing wounds that may still hurt. Because these wounds are not visible to... Read More

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