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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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41. Oat What a Feeling!
There's oatmeal that's loaded with additives and preservatives... and then there's the real deal. The experts encourage you to start your morning off with a bowl of plain oat flakes. Oats are rich in fiber and soluble fiber, making them a much-needed staple in your diet. According to the American Cancer Society, oats have plenty to offer. Oatmeal reduces your risk of cancer, lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels, slows down the digestion of... Read More

42. Pass on the Pasta
Many dieters believe they can eat as much pasta as they want without damaging their diet. But just because you're only topping your Italian dish with marinara sauce or fresh vegetables doesn't give you a license to consume all you want. A serving size of pasta is approximately 1/2 cup cooked or 1 ounce uncooked and equals 110 calories. To play it safe, measure out your helpings. The good news is that pasta has gotten better for you... Read More

43. An Apple a Day Isn't Cliche'
Help keep those doctors away and start eating that apple every day. Apples are low in calories and fat and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. Apples also have a high water content. This teacher's favorite shiny red, green or yellow fruit also contains two types of fibers. Insoluble fiber helps give the sensation of having a full stomach and aids digestion. {relatedarticles} Flavonoids and boron, both found in... Read More

44. The Best Way To Use Beans
Beans -- also known as legumes -- are healthy and inexpensive. They are high in fiber and protein and low in fat. Legumes are also rich in folic acid, copper, iron and magnesium. They even help lessen your appetite. Because beans have a low glycemic index, they provide energy over a long period of time by releasing slowly into the bloodstream.{relatedarticles} It's this quality that makes beans a perfect food for people with... Read More

45. Why Aren't You Losing Weight?
If you think you're pulling out all the stops in order to lose weight, yet the scale still doesn't move as quickly as you'd like, then it's time to take stock. Simple, subtle mistakes can derail any honest diet effort, so take the opportunity to examine your habits and banish those weight-loss blunders. If you've tried slashing calories in order to lose weight and it worked for awhile, then you may see the pounds creep back on after... Read More

46. What's So Great About Grapes?
Surely you've heard about the health benefits of wine through the grapevine by now. A compound found in wine - a polyphenol called resveratrol -- present in red wine in particular, can reduce heart disease risk and ward off some types of cancers, plus Parkinson's disease. But are grapes just as good if you're a teetotaler? New studies indicate that the majority of wine's health benefits come from the grapes themselves - the juice, pulp... Read More

47. Constipation: Causes and Treatments
Constipation can be painful, aggravating, and embarrassing to talk about. Though children and the elderly suffer the most frequently from this problem, knowing how to recognize symptoms is important for everyone. Individuals affected by constipation should learn about prevention for the future, as well as when to get the doctor involved. Most individuals suffering from constipation need only make small lifestyle changes. For an unfortunate... Read More

48. Use Your Melon for a Tasty Snack
You might turn to a sugary popsicle or creamy, fattening ice cream to cool you down when it's sweltering outside, but if you're still interested in looking great in that bikini for the last remaining weeks of summer, then you might want to consider another snack. Watermelon and its sweet cousins, honeydew and cantaloupe, can provide you with that sugar fix while providing a bounty of health benefits. Watermelon itself is... Read More

49. Health Benefits of Acai
by B. StoneMaguire Acai (pronounced ah-SAH-ee) is a small, dark purple berry indigenous to the Amazon. The berries look like a cross between a blueberry and a grape but are actually quite different in structure, flavor and nutrition. Acai fruit grows in profusion in grape-like clusters on the tall, lean acai palm trees. It is only recently that the acai has become popular... Read More

50. Drinking your Calories
The options for drinks seem to be at an all time high with energy and sport drinks, new flavored sodas, tropical fruit juices, fancy vitamin water, and even water with protein appealing to all ages. Sodas and sport drinks, however, can have as much as 13 teaspoons of added sugar. It is especially important to look at the serving size on the nutrition label. So if you quickly read that a beverage bottle says 80 calories, you may need to... Read More

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