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Friday, February 27, 2015

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471. Another Night in Chyna
Professional wrestler turned amateur porn star Chyna is back... literally. She will next be seen in all her glory in the upcoming XXX film Backdoor Into Chyna . Despite her stint on Celebrity Rehab , it's hard to believe anything will save her reputation now. Chyna, AKA Joanie Laurer, is working on reviving her wrestling career, and by wrestling we mean the kind that goes down in the bedroom. That's right -- the... Read More

472. X Factor Gets Cole Feet Again
Simon Cowell is nothing if not a champion of the underdog. Just days after brunette beauty Cheryl Cole was axed from the U.S. version of the X Factor , she's once again assumed her position at the judge's table, thanks to show creator Cowell. Although Fox never gave an official reason for Cole's termination, insiders said that the Girls Aloud singer was removed from the panel because of her strong British accent and her... Read More

473. The Situation Shows Some Devotion to Vodka
You'll need a strong stomach to tolerate this news. Like we said earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino took a shot at endorsing an energy drink or brand of vodka . According to TMZ, the Jersey Shore king of product placement just landed a deal to be the spokesperson for a company... Read More

474. Rehab Worker: You Don't Mess with the Lohan
An altercation with Betty Ford's most notorious patient has left a healthcare worker jobless and injured...but don't feel too sorry for Dawn Holland yet. It all started when Lindsay and her roommates tried to sneak back into the facility after curfew but were caught and asked to submit to a breathalyzer - the allegations include them being out at a bar, though Lindsay claims she was drinking Shirley Temples and getting her hair done.... Read More

475. Prince von Anhalt's Idiotic Egg Hunt
Easter may come and go, but Prince Frederic von Anhalt isn't going to call off his egg hunt until he finds what he's looking for. Wife Zsa Zsa Gabor has had her leg amputated and is pretty much on her deathbed; however, that won't stop the fame-whoring freak from trying to have a baby with his ailing 94-year-old spouse. TMZ is reporting that the 67-year-old creep is currently on the prowl for some of the actress' frozen eggs.... Read More

476. Sizemore's Girlfriend Found Alive!
It appears Tom Sizemore isn't a natural born killer after all. The actor is off the hook in the disappearance of his missing girlfriend Megan Wren. That's because the troubled 25-year-old has been found alive. Sizemore was being eyed in the suspicious disappearance because of his history of domestic abuse and substance problems. As it turns out, Wren herself is a serious heroin addict and he was simply trying to save... Read More

477. Mueller on the Pineapple Express?
Just weeks after leaving rehab (again), it looks like Brooke Mueller is cracking up again. TMZ spotted Charlie Sheen's ex on the streets of Maui late last week, where she's vacationing with sons Bob and Max. The 33-year-old was shabbily dressed, clad in a very non-Hawaiian outfit of sweats and boots, and was clutching a wad of cash. She was snapped having short conversations with several people in different cars, and it didn't... Read More

478. Weston Cage Abused, Expecting?
It's been a summer of highs and lows for Nicolas Cage's 20-year-old son, Weston. First, he married Nikki Williams three months ago. Then he got tossed into the psych ward after an alcohol-fueled altercation with his dad's assistant, Kevin Villegas, who was sent to babysit him. The younger Cage told TMZ recently that he was in a bad way that evening, with a blood-alcohol level of .33. Naturally, a rehab stint followed the... Read More

479. Bieber a Real Family Guy
Kids and their cartoons. Justin Bieber paid tribute to his favorite character... and he paid heavily. The 17-year-old singer showed how childish he can really be when the "Baby" bomber dropped a whopping $25,000 on a Family Guy necklace. The object of his affection is a Stewie pendant which has over 12 carats of diamonds and rubies. According to TMZ, the "Never Say Never" singer teamed up with famed Beverly Hills... Read More

480. Lindsay Gets Her Drink On; Faces Jail Time
One thing is for certain -- Lindsay Lohan has a thirst for alcohol... and trouble. Although she dodged the prison bullet and was placed under house arrest in her latest legal drama involving the theft of a necklace, this time she may not be as lucky. As it turns out, Lohan had been on probation for her DUI arrest. Obviously, the necklace arrest violated those terms. At the time, the judge cut her a break and allowed her to... Read More

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