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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

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401. Kirstie to Maksim: I'll Tumble for Ya
Despite nearly being dropped during her Dancing with the Stars performance, Kirstie Alley still managed to stay cheerful. When professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy suffered some sort of leg injury, both he and the Fat Actress leading lady fell to the floor, stunning both audience and judges alike. Alley and Chmerkovskiy, who were dancing the rumba, quickly got back on their feet and continued as if nothing... Read More

402. Arnold Has a Love Child
Move over, John Edwards. You've got competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger has disgraced his family and his party, announcing that 10 years ago he knocked up a member of the household staff. As it turns out, that's the news that sent longtime wife Maria Shriver running for the door. The Kennedy clan member is now conferring with a powerful financial adviser to get all of her ducks in a row before she terminates her marriage to... Read More

403. Justin Bieber: Lover or Fighter?
It looks like Justin Bieber hangs with a tough crowd. The impressionable teen made a very public appearance by the side of fighter Floyd Mayweather before the boxer's highly anticipated match against Miguel Cotto. The 18-year-old "Never Say Never" singer, along with rapper 50 Cent, walked in with Mayweather's championship belts. Another member of Mayweather's crew, Lil Wayne, was also ringside. Mayweather...50 Cent...Lil... Read More

404. Backstreet Boy Seeing Pink
Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean isn't going to let a little girly eye infection hold up the comeback tour of the famous boy band. The singer will continue to give all he has to give despite having a case of conjunctivitis. According to TMZ, doctors are keeping an eye on the situation to make sure that McLean hasn't been spreading the wealth. Once the boybander was diagnosed with the eye sore, all of the other boys were tested and found to be... Read More

405. Spencer Pratt Playing With the Wrong Sex Tape
It looks like there is a sex tape after all, only it doesn't feature Speidi at all. According to Usmagazine, Spencer Pratt has a XXX home video, just not one showing himself or estranged wife Heidi Montag. In fact, the tape belongs to Playboy model Karissa Shannon, and it features the blonde bombshell and her beau in compromising positions. Supposedly Pratt stole the freaky footage from Shannon and has been attempting to... Read More

406. Tone Loc: Seizures Caused Me to Do the Wild Thing
When Tone-Loc was pulled over for driving erratically on December 13, the only influence he was under was the one of his mind... at least that's what his peeps are saying. The famed "Wild Thing" rapper was brought in on suspicion of DUI last month after cops spotted him weaving all over the road at 3 a.m. The po-po dragged Loc, aka Anthony Terrell Smith, into a Los Angeles police station where he was booked on charges of DUI and held for... Read More

407. Berry Ditches Movie Role for Custody Fight
Gabriel Aubry filed for paternity of the daughter he shares with Halle Berry last month, but that was just the tip of the iceberg in what's shaping up to be a bitter custody battle over 2-year-old Nahla. Radaronline.com reported that the Oscar winner was having a private investigator keep tabs on her ex last year as he played the field with Kim Kardashian and other women. Their established visitation schedule was said to be amicable... Read More

408. Kim Kardashian Under Lockett and Key
New England Patriots player Bret Lockett better hope he's telling the truth about his alleged five-month affair with engaged reality star Kim Kardashian. The NFL player has been telling just about anybody -- and everybody -- who will listen that he was shagging the E! star while she's been with fiance Kris Humphries. Just yesterday he appeared on TMZ Live and told the crew that he's been having an online and physical... Read More

409. Parents Television Council Gets Stern with Advertisers
America's got talent, but NBC might not if the Parents Television Council has its way. The advocacy group is on a rampage after the hit NBC talent show decided to add shock jock Howard Stern to the judging panel. PTC plans on hitting the show where it hurts -- square in the wallet. According to TMZ, PTC made contact with 91 advertisers, pleading with them not to spend their ad dollars on America's Got Talent .... Read More

410. John Travolta Fights Back Against Masseur's Claims
The masseur accusing Savages actor John Travolta of playing the hand jive with him is losing more credibility by the minute. Travolta's legal eagles have produced evidence that the Hollywood A-lister was actually in New York on the same day he was supposedly sexually assaulting the masseur. Travolta is shown in a photograph taken on January 16, hanging out in New York City. That's a long, long way from the... Read More

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