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Monday, March 02, 2015

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11. Fat-Burning Secrets for Cardio Workouts
Let's face it, most of us live pretty busy lives and the amount of time spent exercising does eat up what little free time a lot of us have. I don't like to waste my free time any more than anyone else, so if I am going to use it up on an activity, then I feel the rewards of the activity should outweigh the cost. One of the activities that I add to my workout routines is a cardio program. I do not enjoy cardio at all, but I... Read More

12. At Last: 8 Healthy Snacks for TV Couch Time
by William Winch Winter is upon us, which means that everyone is bundled up in sweatshirts and pajamas sitting in front of the television waiting for the snow outside to melt in 3 months. Getting into that bikini (and looking good in it) is probably not on the top of your priority list right now. That is... Read More

13. 12 Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work
By Craig Watkins If you asked 10 people their main reason for not working out, 9 out of 10 of them would most likely say, "I'm way too busy to work out." This might be slightly exaggerated, but the world we live in today moves so fast and it is very easy to let all of the day's responsibilities and obligations take over the... Read More

14. How Yoga Stretches Can Help You Lose Weight
By Tom Dahne With hundreds of weight loss programs out there, it can get difficult to choose one that will actually give you results. So if you are tired of looking around here and there to find the perfect solution for your weight loss problem, it's time you go for some change and try out something different, such as yoga. Yoga can... Read More

15. Great Walking Workouts
Walking continues to be one of the most effective and easiest exercises for all body types and fitness levels, a chance to use your core muscle groups, burn extra calories and elevate the heart rate. Whether you want to lose weight or get in shape, walking is an effective exercise that can help you trim down and shape up. Still, your body can adapt to this aerobic routine fairly quickly, which means you won't be burning as many... Read More

16. Great Old-School Workouts
by Trent Lorcher In this age of technology, many fitness buffs have forgotten the benefits of old-school workouts. They've traded gym shorts for spandex, blacktop for treadmills, and t-shirts for sports bras. If you've reached a fitness plateau, want to jump start your fitness routine, or just need to get away from the gym, maybe it's time to go old-school/ JUMP... Read More

17. 5 Ways to Conquer Cravings
Conquering food cravings is vital to the success of your diet and weight-loss plan. No matter what diet plan you are on, you will inevitably face cravings. Everything seems to be going along smoothly; you're doing great on your diet plan, and then you have a bad day or go to a movie and your brain demands a pint of ice cream or hot, buttery popcorn. The success or failure of your diet depends on being able to conquer food... Read More

18. How to Bounce Back from a Binge
You were doing so well on your diet! Now you're covered with cookie crumbs, and the remains of a container of Ben & Jerry's are melting on the coffee table. You've had another eating binge, you feel awful, and you're ready to give up. But you can bounce back. Many people falter several times during a weight-loss program and still attain their goals. Why We Binge ... Read More

19. Exercises for Great Posture
by Ruth Belena "Stand up straight!" You've heard the command more times than you'd care to count. Well, take heart -- mom does know best. There's a lot to be said for having good posture. Good posture means standing up, or sitting upright, with muscles tight around your stomach and buttocks, and this can make you look instantly slimmer, but to maintain a good posture, you... Read More

20. How To Do a Perfect Crunch
Beyond firming your belly, strength in the abdominals is essential because the abs' central location in the torso makes them a linchpin of bodily movement. The abdominal muscles consist of four muscle groups layered at the front and sides of the torso. They are crucial for keeping your trunk firm, allowing you to bend and twist at the waist while providing the leverage... Read More

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