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Friday, March 06, 2015

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1. 3 Things You Should Never Do for Your Kids
As parents, we only want the best for our children. But sometimes our judgment is clouded, and our actions can actually impede our kids' progress. By nature, we want to see our children succeed, even if it means giving them a gentle nudge. Unfortunately for some parents, that nudge often turns into a huge push, and before we know it, we're actually doing things for our children that they should be doing for themselves. ... Read More

2. Self-Sabotage Behavior and the Power of Forgiveness
By Troyann There are many things in life that separate us and make us unique, however, over the years I have seen one consistent common denominator; our need to forgive. Regardless of our upbringing, our cultural similarities or differences, or any other circumstances of our lives, we have each held onto one or more hurt,... Read More

3. Mommy Burnout - 6 Ways to Lose It
Feeling burnout as a Mom is very common. It does not mean that you are failing as a Mom. It's mostly due to the isolation that a lot of Moms face in our culture, as well as the overscheduling and overwork that a lot of us deal with. Here are 6 things you can do to prevent burnout and treat it if it comes up. {relatedarticles} - Find your tribe: Find a support group of like minded Moms. There are neighbors, people... Read More

4. Ten Tips to Tame Your Child's Temper Tantrums
David's mother explained, "Whenever David doesn't get his way he throws himself on the floor, screams, kicks and cries incessantly. What can we do to help him overcome this behavior?" TIP: What is David getting out of this behavior? First make sure that you are not rewarding this type of behavior, positively or negatively because both will help keep it alive. If you eventually give in to this behavior by changing your initial... Read More

5. Money Talk: The 10 Best Things You Can Say to Your Children about Money
Many parents do not know how, do not want to, or lack the communication skills necessary to talk to their children about money in general. So when a money crisis develops, the potential to pass fearful and negative attitudes towards money to the next generation increases. How effective are you at talking about money? What words do you use when you talk about money in front of or directly to your children? Below you will find a list... Read More

6. Cut Out the Caffeine
Do you struggle with getting your children to wind down? Well, caffeine could be the culprit that's keeping your child wired. Although the United States hasn't issued recommendations on how much caffeine kids should consume, health officials in Canada recommend the children of preschool age do not exceed 45 milligrams of caffeine -- the amount that's found in a 12-ounce soda.{relatedarticles} Believe it or not, caffeine isn't just found... Read More

7. Child Behavior - Dealing With Positivity!
Bad behavior is often an effective way to attract attention of parents. The conflicting time will probably start at the stage during her third year: tears and tantrums often go hand in hand with being two years old. Phrasing limits in a positive way focuses on what to do, rather than what not to do. When parents and caregivers offer these positive statements, they reinforce for children what is appropriate, serve as desirable... Read More

8. Parents, Kids and Time Alone
"What are some of the ways in which you explain to kids that mom and dad need time alone, without feeling guilty about it?" A journalist, writing an article on having time alone and couple time when you have kids, asked me this question. Parents will feel guilty only when they believe that they are doing something wrong by spending time alone and couple time without their Read More

9. How Chore Charts Will Work for You
Your kids are clamoring for an allowance, and what better way to allow them to earn one than with regular chores? Contributing to the workload around the house benefits the entire family. Completing chores boosts children's self esteem by making them feel like a valued part of the team. Chores not only teach children responsibility, they're also a way to lend you a helping hand with the household duties. {relatedarticles}Before you go... Read More

10. How to Succeed as a Stay-at-Home Mom
Stay-at-home moms are no longer just the co-stars from Leave It To Beaver , The Brady Bunch , and other television shows from a bygone era. Taking care of the kids has become the cool thing to do again for women in their 20s and 30s. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are at least 5.4 million stay-at-home parents in the United States alone. These are a dynamic bunch of women, and men, who see opportunities in... Read More

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