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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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1. Richard Simmons
For more than 30 years, Richard Simmons has been a staple in the fitness space. The larger-than-life personality with his trademark tank tops and short shorts has helped shape the lives of millions of men and women. With his able assistance more than 3 million pounds have been shed. Read More

2. The Biggest Loser
Talk about must-see TV. If you are in the market for a diet that makes for good TV, The Biggest Loser Diet is the right thing for you. Every fall millions of people tune in to see contestants battle for the title of "Biggest Loser" with the help of celebrity trainers Bob Harper and Kim Lyons,... Read More

3. 8 Minutes in the Morning
Diet and fitness expert Jorge Cruise says it is not necessary to spend your free time at the gym when you can get the body you want in only eight minutes. This would be the premise of his 8 Minutes In The Morning program. By devoting less than 10 minutes a day to exercise, you will drop two pounds a week. And... Read More

4. Total Body Makeover
Bob Greene is the man behind Oprah's amazing weight loss success. Now, the secret formula behind the talk show host's transformation can be yours, thanks to the Total Body Makeover. Although Oprah fell victim to the vicious cycle of fad diets for nearly two decades, it wasn't until Greene was brought into... Read More

5. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
It is the weigh-loss program that is not a diet. Support is the main function of this international, non-profit weight-loss support group. TOPS does not endorse any diet. Rather, the organization recommends that members consult with their physician and decide the meal plan that is most suitable for the... Read More

6. The Maker's Diet
You may not be ready to meet your maker, but that does not mean you cannot follow his meal plan. Prepare to improve your health and lose weight... God's way. With the Maker's Diet, you will dine the way Our Father intended or at the very least the way creator Jordan Rubin sees it. Read More

7. Bikini Boot Camp
The Bikini Boot Camp is searching for a few new recruits who are trying to lose those extra pounds. Interested dieters can shed up to 10 pounds in 14 days with the help of a mind, body and spirit approach. Amansala Spa founders Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg are assisting women in dropping two dresses sizes... Read More

8. Body for Life for Women
The blockbusting Body-for-Life program has changed with the creation of a sister program which caters to the specific hormonal, metabolic and physiological needs of ladies. Dr. Pamela Peeke, a noted expert specializing in nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness, has used her experience to create a diet,... Read More

9. Sleep-A-Weigh
Burn fat while you sleep. It's an incredible claim, yet Sleep A-Weigh maintains that you can shed extra pounds without losing muscle with their product. With ingredients like apple cider vinegar, Tonalin CLA and vitamins C and B6, Sleep A-Weigh promises to assist in the body's overnight rebuilding... Read More

10. Slim-fast
Famous for its signature red-and-white cans, the Slim-Fast program still gives you the shakes... along with plenty of other delicious offerings that promote weight loss and optimum health. Tags Read More

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