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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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1. Wu-Yi Tea
Imagine shedding 55 pounds in 5 months. A hot new product promises to help clients do just that. You have heard about the wonders of green tea, but what do you really know about Wu-Yi Tea, labeled as the most potent weight loss solution on the market. When combined with a well-balanced diet, Wu-Yi... Read More

2. Fat Flush Plan
In just two weeks, you'll melt away fat from your hips, waist and thighs, thanks to The Fat Flush Plan. Prepare to cleanse your body and lose big with this three-phase diet program, created by well-known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. The aim of The Fat Flush Plan is to boost your metabolism, flush out... Read More

3. 8 Minutes in the Morning
Diet and fitness expert Jorge Cruise says it is not necessary to spend your free time at the gym when you can get the body you want in only eight minutes. This would be the premise of his 8 Minutes In The Morning program. By devoting less than 10 minutes a day to exercise, you will drop two pounds a week. And... Read More

4. 6 Day Body Makeover
Instant gratification at its best. Prepare to lose one whole dress or pant size in just six days... and keep it off! That is the claim from the 6-Day Body Makeover. The secret formula behind this "one-of-a-kind" gem is customization. By adapting the diet to your body type and metabolism, creator... Read More

5. Peanut Butter Diet
It may sound like another crazy fad diet, but there is actually some substance to this peanut butter-endorsing diet endeavor. There is plenty of science showing that the childhood favorite can actually prevent heart disease and promote weight loss. That is in part due to the high numbers of monounsaturated... Read More

6. Walk Away the Pounds
Losing weight is as simple as putting your best foot forward. If you are not about spending hours at the gym or going along with a back-breaking fitness regimen, Walk Away The Pounds (WATP) is a simple, good way to get in shape. Created by fitness pro Leslie Sansone, you will make the change from couch potato... Read More

7. Ladies Workout Express
If there is not a Curves in your area, there is a solod chance you will be able to find yourself a Ladies Express Workout -- the next best thing. A 30-Minute circuit training workout, Ladies Workout Express gives a comfortable, all women's atmosphere where determined dieters can lose those extra... Read More

8. Cool New Workout Classes
If you're a certain age, you remember doing endless leg lifts in your best Jane Fonda costume to terrible 80s pop music. Fast forward a bit, and it's sweaty spinning classes that attract the masses. Whatever the year, there has always been one hot workout trend that everyone is offering and everyone is doing -- whether they really like it or not. Now all that has changed. The hot trend for today is...whatever you want it to be. At long last,... Read More

9. Is Your Food Aging You?
Did you know that the food you eat could be prematurely aging you? Science has made some amazing discoveries in the last decade in nutrition. We really should be taking note of what we put in our mouth because more than ever, we are what we eat. Do you know the impact of what you are eating? Probably not. It's time to find out because over-indulgence in certain types of food causes the body to age prematurely. Would you like some... Read More

10. American Heart Association's No-Fad Diet
The American Heart Association found it necessary to have a rebuttal to all of those fly-by-night diets floating around, and the No-Fad Diet is it. There is no magic here, they say. To be more accurate, it is a lifestyle change -- not a diet. The goal of the American Heart Association is to provide you with... Read More

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