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Thursday, March 05, 2015

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1. Special K Diet
Are you ready for a diet that will bowl you over? It is just that special -- Special K, that is. The marketing brains behind Kellogg cereal have fashioned the Special K Challenge where people on a diet stand to lose 6 pounds in two weeks by simply integrating the breakfast cereal into their daily meal... Read More

2. Richard Simmons
For more than 30 years, Richard Simmons has been a staple in the fitness space. The larger-than-life personality with his trademark tank tops and short shorts has helped shape the lives of millions of men and women. With his able assistance more than 3 million pounds have been shed. Read More

3. Peanut Butter Diet
It may sound like another crazy fad diet, but there is actually some substance to this peanut butter-endorsing diet endeavor. There is plenty of science showing that the childhood favorite can actually prevent heart disease and promote weight loss. That is in part due to the high numbers of monounsaturated... Read More

4. Idiot Proof Diet
Searching for a weight-loss plan that is idiot proof? Well, that is exactly how Fat Loss 4 Idiots markets itself. The plan which sells itself as a sped up fat loss diet promises 9 pounds in 11 days. Say goodbye to low carb, low calorie and low fat. According to the website, none of those approaches are... Read More

5. The UltraSimple Diet
Inflammation has become the buzzword of the past 10 years. It has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and a host of autoimmune issues. Most people do not realize to what level inflammation can affect your health. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of obesity. Dr. Mark Hyman is... Read More

6. The Rosedale Diet
Strict low-calorie diets have received a bad name over the years. However, there are those medical experts who say that you should go low. Dr. Ron Rosedale, one of the leading authorities in metabolism, explains that studies show a strict diet low in calories helps achieve a sleek body and a longer life. Dr.... Read More

7. American Heart Association's No-Fad Diet
The American Heart Association found it necessary to have a rebuttal to all of those fly-by-night diets floating around, and the No-Fad Diet is it. There is no magic here, they say. To be more accurate, it is a lifestyle change -- not a diet. The goal of the American Heart Association is to provide you with... Read More

8. Macrobiotics
Macrobiotics is the practice of advocating for well-being and longevity through a diet consisting of whole grains and beans. This lifestyle change is done in moderation, gradually cutting back on animal products, sugar, refined flour, and dairy products and increasing intake of whole grain and plant based... Read More

9. Abs Diet
The Abs Diet is not just going to change your life -- it will save it. Those are the inspirational words of author David Zinczenko. The editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine promises that you will be able to transform your abs in just six weeks -- if you follow his program complete with a healthy... Read More

10. Abs Diet for Women
What woman does not covet a washboard stomach? Men' Health Editor David Zinczenko is the creator of the ground-breaking weight-loss program, The Abs Diet. Now, he is following up with the Abs Diet for Women, a plan specifically for the female population desperate to tone their tummies. Read More

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