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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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1. New Low: Nas Busted for Being High
Rapper Nas is notorious for his acrimonious divorce from singer Kelis, but it's come to light recently that he's been going green. And we're not talking money. TMZ reports that on September 10, Nas was busted in Georgia for DUI - driving under the influence of pot. Officers reported Nas failing field sobriety tests by taking the wrong number of steps and displaying physiological symptoms of being high. He even admitted he'd been smoking at... Read More

2. Tila Tequila Ready to Play Ball in Court
Tila Tequila is determined to sideline NFL player Shawne Merriman one way or another. The reality star accused the San Diego Charger of domestic violence in September; however, the district attorney decided not to pursue any charges. The Shot at Love star claimed that the linebacker grabbed her, shook her, threw her down and choked her after a night of partying. According to TMZ, Tequila claims Merriman had a bad temper and a... Read More

3. Shaq Shut Down at Nightclub
Shaquille O'Neal had a clothes call at a New York hotspot over the weekend, and it was his attire that kept him from partying like a rock star. The famous NBA player must have felt like he was on another planet when he was turned away from Mars 2112, a nightclub/restaurant. While most establishments would be thrilled to have someone of Shaq's celeb stature partying at their joint, that wasn't the case with Mars 2112. According to... Read More

4. Lindsay Lohan: Meth-od Actress?
Lindsay Lohan has officially been released from jail, but she's hardly scot free. The Freaky Friday actress is headed directly to rehab to be treated for her substance abuse problems and mental issues - she's supposedly bipolar. The latest from Lohan insiders is that Hollywood's wildest child is battling addiction to methamphetamines and opiates. But Lohan's on-again/off-again/on-again lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley maintains... Read More

5. Ronson, Lohan's Hands-On Approach
The fur is flying, and so are the fists between ex-girlfriends Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. A source tells Radaronline.com that the tension between the gruesome twosome has escalated to the point where they're physically assaulting each other. Although they supposedly broke up, the actress and the DJ have been spotted out and about together recently. However, there is hardly any love lost between the two. According to the source,... Read More

6. Spencer Pratt: SOB-In-Law
In honor of Mother's Day, Spencer Pratt apparently sent his best wishes along to mother-in-law Darlene Egelhoff by rejoicing over news of the possible foreclosure on her house. According to TMZ, Egelhoff owes more than $187,000 on a $189,000 loan she assumed in 2006 on her Colorado home. In an effort to further reveal what a douchebag Pratt is, TMZ approached The Hills villain for a comment on the impending proceedings. Says... Read More

7. What the Puck: Real World Cast-Off Injured
Raunchy reality star Puck (aka David Rainey) barely survived a horrifying car accident over the weekend and is currently laid up in the hospital with serious injuries. The former bike messenger gained notoriety for his bad-boy behavior and taunting of his fellow housemates including AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, who later passed away from the deadly disease. The controversial Real World: San Francisco cast member was in the car with... Read More

8. Lindsay Cannes-not Get Her Ash to Court
If it's not one thing, it's another keeping Lindsay Lohan from facing the music in court. She is scheduled for a probation hearing stemming from her 2007 DUI on Thursday but is thousands of miles away from Beverly Hills, partying it up in Cannes. She's at the film festival to promote her first paid gig in a long time, the Linda Lovelace biopic, where she'll play the fallen porn star. And while it should be an easy trip back to make the... Read More

9. Woman Holding Brando's Remains an Ash-hole
The family of the late Marlon Brando's is waging a war over his remains. The ashes of the Apocalypse Now actor are in the possession of a woman who was involved with Marlon's son, Christian. Unfortunately, Christian died suddenly of pneumonia in 2008. At the time, Donna Lopez Geon ended up with a bunch of Christian's stuff, including the ashes of his late father. Although a few other people were given some of Marlon's ashes,... Read More

10. Jean-Claude Doesn't Give a Damme About Service
Jean-Claude Van Damme may be a big spender in some areas, but he definitely has little gratitude or gratuity for his servers. TMZ is reporting that the actor didn't give his servers much action after running up a hefty tab. The Web site obtained photographs of Van Damme's bill at Drai's in Hollywood over the weekend. His grand total for a night at the establishment came to a whopping $940. To show his appreciation, he left a measly $40. That... Read More

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