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Monday, March 02, 2015

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1. Sam Won't Give Her the Time O'Day
Just when you thought trashy blondes were her type, Samantha Ronson goes and shows that she has some sort of standards. Lindsay Lohan's ex was deejaying the NASCAR Champions party at club Lavo in Las Vegas recently. Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day shook her moneymaker for all it was worth, but it wasn't enough to catch Sam's attention. The busty, bisexual blonde parked herself on top of a banquette table near the DJ booth and even... Read More

2. Michael Lohan's Crazy Claims
Michael Lohan cares enough to send the very best, which is why he keeps calling the police on his loved ones. Although the convicted sleazebag would have people believe he's more misunderstood than misanthrope, it doesn't take a psychologist to see the truth between the lies. The original D-Bag dad wants everyone to know the motivation behind trying to get the ladies -- daughter Lindsay, ex-fiancée Erin Muller - arrested isn't... Read More

3. Lindsay Lohan's Stiffed Drinks
Don't you know who she is? Apparently, Lindsay Lohan's days of freeloading are done. The failed actress had a major fit when she was ordered to pay for her drinks at the Crown Bar earlier this month. The recovering addict, who appears to be off the wagon again, reportedly took two bottles of champagne, according to People magazine. But when it was time to pay, the actress didn't feel inclined to come clean with the cash. A source... Read More

4. Lindsay Lohan: Meth-od Actress?
Lindsay Lohan has officially been released from jail, but she's hardly scot free. The Freaky Friday actress is headed directly to rehab to be treated for her substance abuse problems and mental issues - she's supposedly bipolar. The latest from Lohan insiders is that Hollywood's wildest child is battling addiction to methamphetamines and opiates. But Lohan's on-again/off-again/on-again lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley maintains... Read More

5. Ronson, Lohan's Hands-On Approach
The fur is flying, and so are the fists between ex-girlfriends Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. A source tells Radaronline.com that the tension between the gruesome twosome has escalated to the point where they're physically assaulting each other. Although they supposedly broke up, the actress and the DJ have been spotted out and about together recently. However, there is hardly any love lost between the two. According to the source,... Read More

6. Michael Lohan's Lenient Sentence
Justice wasn't served this time around. Alleged abuser Michael Lohan basically got off scot-free following his latest domestic violence infraction. The hotheaded fame whore had been sitting in the clink since kicking the crap out of ex-girlfriend Kate Major after she refused to give him oral sex. Following the incident, he then harassed her. Despite his actions, Lohan won't serve another day behind bars. Lohan pled no contest... Read More

7. Lindsay Cannes-not Get Her Ash to Court
If it's not one thing, it's another keeping Lindsay Lohan from facing the music in court. She is scheduled for a probation hearing stemming from her 2007 DUI on Thursday but is thousands of miles away from Beverly Hills, partying it up in Cannes. She's at the film festival to promote her first paid gig in a long time, the Linda Lovelace biopic, where she'll play the fallen porn star. And while it should be an easy trip back to make the... Read More

8. Miley Cyrus Bongshell
If there was ever any doubt that Disney darling Miley Cyrus was being schooled at the Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan school of screw-ups, those doubts have been allayed. Proving she's going down the same destructive path as the tweens before her, the Hannah Montana star is now embroiled in controversy surrounding a video that shows her getting stoned off the natural herb salvia, which some experts have compared to LSD. When dad Billy... Read More

9. Bullock Gives MTV the Kiss-Off
The MTV Movie Awards were as mundane as to be expected - girl-on-girl kisses, a Tom Cruise/ J.Lo. danceoff, lots of uncensored f-bombs, and more glittery fashions on the red carpet than one could ever want. The highlight of the evening, though, had to have been Sandra Bullock's second awards show appearance in one weekend. On Saturday, she appeared on Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards as the recipient of its "Troops' Choice Entertainer... Read More

10. Paris Sued for Lindsay-Style Jewelry Heist
Don't feel too sorry for Paris Hilton falling victim to the so-called "Bling Ring" back in December 2008. She got all her $2 million worth of stolen bling, clothing and other luxury items back...including some stuff that didn't belong to her. Italian jewelry company Damiani alleges that in the heist, the heiress lost some jewelry that they'd loaned to her in 2007 and never got back. And we're not talking some $2,500... Read More

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