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Friday, February 27, 2015

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1. Sheen Tries to Lorre Back His Job
The Violent Torpedo of Truth for Charlie Sheen is that he never should've quit his day job. While his spoken word tour has earned him mixed reviews, the out-of-work actor seems to be coming to his senses as far as his role on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men . Sheen, who earned almost $2 million per episode, told his New York audience that he would like series creator Chuck Lorre to come to his next show so they... Read More

2. Brooke and Denise: A Meeting of the Small-Minded
Brooke Mueller may have relapsed back into crack addiction, but she's still got a new BFF on her side. Mueller has been palling around with fellow ex-Mrs. Sheen, Denise Richards. Although Mueller swiped up Richards' sloppy seconds, they're both in the same boat now that they're no longer married to the cuckoo Two and a Half Men actor. According to Radaronline.com, insiders are reporting that the two have bonded... Read More

3. Brooke Mueller Pissed at Trash-Talking Ex
It's two and a half insults too many for Brooke Mueller. The recovering addict is peeved that ex-husband Charlie Sheen keeps taking very public digs at her and trashing her to both their children and the media. Although their divorce is finally official, the squabbling between the former couple is at an all-time high because the ex-CBS star has been talking crap about Mueller to their twin sons Bob and Max. A source tells... Read More

4. Brooke Mueller Cracking Up Again?
It looks like Brooke Mueller is back up to her old tricks again. And if she wasn't living off ex-hubby Charlie Sheen's dime, she'd likely be turning them for drugs. The hardcore junkie was once again spotted looking as if she'd just stepped out of the local crackhouse. The mother-of-two was photographed carrying two lighters, a cigarette, a bottle of red Gatorade and what looks like a homemade crack pipe. Even more... Read More

5. Brooke Mueller: Goddess to Be?
Guess who might be next in line to step in as one of Charlie Sheen's "goddesses?" None other than Crackie McCrackhead, aka ex-wife Brooke Mueller. According to TMZ, the struggling addict and mother of two is telling people in her camp that she and Sheen are "hanging out" and there's a possibility the two might get back together. Now, there's a winning idea! Talk about a frightening scenario. You don't have to be Dr. Drew... Read More

6. Two and a Half Men Premiere a Trainwreck
Literally. The premiere of the hotly anticipated, sans Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men , will be explosive. As in his character, Charlie Harper, literally explodes. TMZ reports that they have the deets on the much-discussed demise, and it's messy. The Sheen-imposed hiatus left viewers with Charlie Harper accompanying his neighbor, Rose, to Paris. The premiere will pick up as Rose recounts how they got married in... Read More

7. Sheen Cops to Anger Management
The rumors are true. Charlie Sheen is finally going public with the upcoming project he hopes will get him winning once again. Besides his poorly received Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, the 45-year-old former Two and a Half Men actor has been out of work since being fired by Warner Brothers last spring. His termination came after weeks of bizarre behavior and rants about show creator Chuck Lorre and the powers that... Read More

8. Charlie Sheen Shows No Love for Strip Club
Former party animal Charlie Sheen must want to put as much distance between himself and his former life as possible. The recovering drug and sex addict has threatened to lower the legal boom on a New York strip club for using his name. According to TMZ, Sheen didn't appreciate the New York Cheetahs Club's fitting tribute to the troubled Two and a Half Men star. The booby trap named its VIP room after the 46-year-old... Read More

9. Sorry Charlie! Funeral Planned for Sheen's Character
Charlie Harper, one of the most famous players on the small screen, will meet his maker in the first episode of season nine of Two and a Half Men . The hit show will return from the unexpected and disappointing hiatus next month. Only the CBS sitcom is going to be one man down, literally and figuratively speaking. Charlie Sheen's real-life nemesis, show creator and producer Chuck Lorre, plans on making it so that the... Read More

10. Charlie Sheen: The Winning Round-Up
It looks like everybody is winning these days. Well, almost everybody. As producers prepare for the Charlie Sheen roast, they're courting none other than Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards. According to Us Weekly , Richards is in high demand by producers who would love to get her in on the classless act. Because who knows Sheen's bad behavior better than Richards? Oh wait, probably too many people to count. An insider... Read More

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