Interpreting Tarot Cards

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It follows then, that if we are looking at pregnancy, we could expect to see other cards in the spread that show a young person (any Page or Knight cards) or a family card -- the Ten of Pentacles or the Ten of Cups, and perhaps The Four of Wands (building something strong for the future, marriage etc), but then again we might also see The Tower which could indicate that perhaps it is an unwanted pregnancy, that can spell disaster, and sudden change. If the 9 of Swords is also present this would show there is worry, guilt, anguish and sorrow present or surrounding the querent.

Readers need to build an ongoing rapport with those who seek their guidance. I have found that many of my regulars constantly have the same or similar cards running through their readings whenever they are in crisis or they are experiencing a new romance. These cards are cues to what is happening and where they are placed in the spread indicates how their influence is changing or evolving and what is the likely outcome given what has gone before. Because of the special nature of the relationship that exists between reader and querent (trust, familiarity, belief) it becomes easier over time to interpret the cards for them.

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