Feng Shui: Myth or Superstition?

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What is Feng Shui? Is it a myth or superstition?

To be talking about Feng Shui, we all know that it is a traditional skill, which originates from the olden China. And to mention the olden China, it can't be helped by many to relate Feng Shui to traditional Chinese Myths.

This is a very wrong concept of thinking. Feng Shui is never about religion, cultures and needless to be saying curses, ghost or deities. To better correct your understanding, it is a scientific belief; the wise knowledge of the law of nature; the study and understanding of the environmental influences.

Feng Shui definitely exists. But it is not as what you seen on TV and movies, possessing great powers to twist one's fate, to gaining power and becoming rich over night.

Many people have this misconception that Feng Shui brings wealth and windfall. This is again a very wrong thinking. It is rather about opportunities; making use of the understanding of the law of nature and life to effectively help you make the most of chances to achieve success and wealth. Feng in Chinese means wind and Shui means water. By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserved in water.

It is about the understanding of these metaphysical forces of nature better known as "Qi" in Feng Shui's term, how they actually influence you; to be able to manipulate them to enhance on your life like your career, health, relationship and business success etc.

It is just as simple as that. Feng Shui is a very practical application to allow one to live in harmony with the environment, to reaping the best possible benefits from the environment. A formula used to enhance one's luck during timely good luck, to better your success and during untimely ill luck, to prevent and minimize losses and misfortune to allow you the opportunities to turn things over when good luck eventually arrives. Understand this. One is never going to be bond to ill luck all of his or her life.