Astrology Shadow Signs

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by Samantha Stevens

Each Sun sign in astrology also has its shadow side, which is why the very first thing I do when I fall in love is grab that person's birthdate! I want to know how that person is going to treat me once the first bloom of love has worn off the rose. Most of us are familiar with the positive personality characteristics of each sign. For example Leos are warm, funny, and affectionate; Geminis are ambitious, witty, charming and smart, but few of us are aware of each sign's shadow side. Only here in the psychic realm, will you learn the honest truth about your beloved's personality and what is the ABSOLUTE WORST that can happen. So watch out because ...

An ARROGANT ARIES will tell you how much he loves you, but in the same breath, that you must be eliminated because you are getting in the way of his plans for total world domination. He will also leave his dirty socks around and burn the toast.

A TOTALITARIAN TAURUS will boast and brag and bully you into submission, but just one little words of sarcasm from you and you will find him balled up in the fetal position crying in the closet. Also a Taurus can't have sex without picking a fight first.

A JABBERING GEMINI will steal your money from you and then help you look for it. Also he'll make up wild stories about your alleged bisexuality and tell them to his friends. A master of miscommunication, he'll keep you home alone, by the telephone, waiting for his call.

A CALLOUS CANCER will give you a gift and then make you pay for it, not with money, but with sexual favors, emotional blackmail and pieces of your very soul. An expert hostage taker, a Cancer uses self-pity and sarcasm to torture his victims and rap them in a prison of low-self-esteem.