Daily Reading
Monday, April 27, 2015

Your life certainly seems to revolve around human contact. You're an outgoing, cheerful, engaging conversationalist who enjoys bringing people together, though lately you've been yearning to be alone. Aries, don't ignore any urge you feel for solitude. Even though it's an unusual need for you, it's still a valid one.

Important planetary aspects of the day:
Venus sextiles Uranus; Moon parallels Sun; Moon trines Uranus;... Read More
Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Feelings of goodwill and cooperation will predominate now making... Read More
Activities that are highly favoured:
Devising strategies to outwit rivals; operating on malignancies;... Read More
Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the respiratory organs; lending/ borrowing money;... Read More
General numerological guidance for the day:
3, 6, and 9 borns will enjoy better luck than others; 1 and 8... Read More