Top 7 Motivators for Getting in Shape Before Thanksgiving

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1. That copy of Stuff Magazine in your boyfriend's bathroom showing Winnie Cooper in her underwear.
So your man enjoys gazing at scantily-clad women. Wouldn't you feel better about this if you knew for certain that you were one of them? Don't let Kevin Arnold's junior high school sweetheart steal your thunder. Drop those extra pounds and then reward yourself with a trip to Victoria's Secret. Be the star of his private show!

2. At least two more weeks of tank tops and miniskirts.
The weather may be changing, but you're not changing into your sweaters just yet. Yes, there's still time to show off those legs that go "Blam!" and butt that goes "Pow." Of course you want to be seen at the club wearing that cute mini you picked up for half-price at H&M. So hop on that elliptical and get yourself into that skirt!

3. Your preference for being on top.
Sex is better when we're limber and strong enough to support those more "daring" positions as well as keep the momentum going. If for nothing else, improve your stamina for the added joy it brings in the bedroom! When you're old and feeble, you can look back on those virile years with a smile.

4. The slim but not impossible chance that you could get caught under a large piece of furniture.

No, not everyone embraces the "survivor" mindset, but the truth is, the American lifestyle makes us weak, lazy and incapable. You never know when you may need those muscles to pull yourself from a perilous situation... or heck, even lift up that heavy box instead of waiting for a burly man to come along!