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The Bachelor Gets in on the Act
Posted: Friday, June 25, 2010

Jake Pavelka is obviously taking his new acting career seriously... way too seriously. Although they were never intimate during their relationship, the Bachelor did reach out and touch ex-fiancée Vienna Girardi -- at least when it came to ending their relationship. The 32-year-old pilot dumped his made-for-TV bride via telephone, and he did it in the name of his flourishing acting career. The esteemed method actor says that he was having trouble portraying the role of Toby Davlin on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, which forced him to dump Girardi, who was on the other side of the country. Explains Pavelka, "One of the keys to acting is you have to get out of your head. This [show] didn't hire me to be Jake, they hired me to play Toby Davlin. I can't be Jake and sell this character." Because he was having difficulty trusting Girardi, he says he had no choice but to give her the boot. "I've been trying to put all that aside so that I can give this character justice. It's been a struggle thinking about my relationship and going in front of the camera and shooting. It was a difficult conversation on the phone. But the relationship was headed in that direction." Somebody needs to tell this tool stat that one guest role does not an acting career make and that being cast on the Bachelor does not a straight man make. Pavelka's decision to call it quits with Girardi shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the two never had sex during their relationship. In fact, Girardi told some pals that she didn't think Pavelka was even into girls. One thing is certain -- Pavelka is definitely carrying on a torrid affair... with himself.

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