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Snooki Gives Ex Her Best Wishes (Or Not)
Posted: Monday, June 07, 2010

It sucks to be on Snooki's bad side. Just ask the orange Oompa Loompa's ex-boyfriend. Emilio Masella is speaking out about his fiery former girlfriend in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com. The Jersey Shore reality star gave Masella the old heave-ho after she found out that her favorite Guido wasn't a Shore thing after all. As it turned out, he was trying to get freaky with other gals on the side. Although it was Snooki who kicked the wannabe-reality star to the curb, Masella maintains that the tanned twerp is still fuming over her former fling. Says Masella, "I've been talking to her and she is just really jealous. She doesn't want to be friends with me because it makes her crazy, even though she is the one that broke up with me." When Masella did attempt to reach out to his shining star, she hardly whispered sweet nothings to him. Masella recalls, "She screamed at me and said, 'Wait until the show comes out. Everyone will know why I broke up with you and what an a**hole you are. It didn't stop there, Snooki went on to say, 'You are a w***e, and a f****ng porn star and I hope you get STD's." Masella is all broken up over their split (and the thought of contracting something fierce), even though it happened months ago, and he's set to star in a new dating reality show called Fist Pumping for Love. Meanwhile, Snooki is trying to move on to bigger and bronzer things. Snooki recently released an 8-minute video where she talked about her potential Prince Charming. Here's Snooki's list of what she's searching for in a potential mate -- and it ain't for the faint of heart. Says Snooki, "First thing I look for would be the looks obviously. Because that's what you see first. He needs to be muscley, gorilla status, tanned, orange whatever. As long as you aren't pale as a ghost. Do you think I would date a pale person who dislikes Ed Hardy? No." It's good to see she's focusing on all of the important things.

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