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No More Nights in Paris for Waits
Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After a year courtship, Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits are no longer an item. As it turns out the celebutante isn't just losing in the ratings, she's also tanking in her love life. The 30-year-old reality star decided it was time for her and the Vegas club mogul to go their separate ways. A source tells Us Magazine, "They are broken up. It's sad, she cares about him a lot and thinks he's a great guy but they really hit a rough patch." The breakup comes on the debut of her poor-performing Oxygen reality show, The World According to Paris. Apparently, Waits tired of living in the limelight after a year with the high-profile airhead. An insider tells Us it was actually Waits' decision to pull the plug on his relationship with the TV star, "Cy's found it difficult to live his life with her in the spotlight and that's what caused their split. No drama, it's amicable, but things didn't work out." It was probably a wise decision on Waits' part. Since teaming up with the Simple Life star, life as been anything but that. He was busted for driving under the influence last summer when she was popped with cocaine. Then, he defended her against an armed intruder who forced his way into her home. And just recently he had water tossed in his face and was grabbed by the neck while appearing in court with Hilton. Waits definitely got the better end of the deal in this breakup.

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