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No Booty Calls for Former Bachelor
Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forget a last time -- Bachelor Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna Girardi never even had a first time. Now that the couple has called it quits, the 24-year-old recipient of the rose -- and supposedly Pavelka's heart -- is spilling the beans about what went on behind closed doors. More specifically, she's talking about what didn't go on. Apparently, Pavelka didn't believe in sex before marriage. Girardi, a former Hooters waitress, is dishing the details to Star magazine and maintains that Pavelka gave her the "not-tonight-honey" excuse time and time again when it came down to getting busy. Says Girardi, "We haven't been intimate in months now. Then the last excuse was that we fight so much that I push him away. I was like, really - which excuse is it? I literally have been living six months with this guy who won't be intimate with me!" Being repeatedly shot down by Pavelka began to give Girardi a complex, so she finally left him a Dear Jake letter that left her heartbroken. The handsome pilot apparently didn't know what hit him once he got the boot from the bodacious blonde. He told Usmagazine, "I don't really know what's going on. No matter what happens, Vienna and I will remain friends." That shouldn't be too difficult considering it sounds like that's what they really were to begin with. Girardi also commented on the lack of chemistry between her and Pavelka, "He kisses me only if we're on a red carpet if cameras are there. Besides that, I have to ask for a kiss - and if I do he'll pucker his lips and just peck me. I'm like, that's how I kiss my grandmother." Now the only kiss Pavelka's getting from Girardi is the infamous kiss off.

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