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Lindsay Lohan's Lucky Break
Posted: Monday, September 19, 2011

It was just her luck that troubled trainwreck Lindsay Lohan lost her phone last week. But in a fortunate twist, a Good Samaritan stumbled upon the cell and actually reached to touch someone... and it wasn't the tabloids. The Freaky Friday actress was leaving a V magazine party at a noted New York City club when she and her cell apparently became separated. TMZ is reporting that someone who worked next door to the social scene discovered the phone and took it home. It wasn't hard to figure out who the phone belonged to because the screen read "Lindsay Lohan's Phone" once he plugged it into his computer. But it was hardly a case of finders keepers. The guy got in touch with Lindsay's people and returned the phone. He didn't even demand a reward, not that he was offered one. Lohan was supposedly over the moon that the phone was returned, seeing how it has a slew of important numbers and emails. Of course, there are also some personal photos and "stuff" on the phone that she wouldn't want out there. Lucky for her, it wasn't leaked.

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