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Lindsay Lohan Boxed in By Mealy-Mouthed Mover
Posted: Monday, February 13, 2012

When it comes to movers, Lindsay Lohan is about to clean house. The troubled 24-year-old recently bailed on her Venice property after a strange man showed up at her door on New Year's Day. Desperately seeking a sense of security, she decided to make a major move. But even that has come with some major complications. It appears one of her movers was out to score a buck, the kind not included in his paycheck. According to TMZ, the said mover took a bunch of photos of Lindsay's stuff and is now trying to turn a profit. In addition to the pictures, he's also trying to sell information about the storage facility she's renting and where she plans on relocating. Lohan's peeps know what's going on and are trying to seal the leak. Lohan has gone to great lengths to keep people from knowing personal information to avoid weirdos and stalkers. Another issue is that someone could possibly try to break into Lohan's storage unit to steal her belongings. TMZ is reporting that the police are not currently involved.

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