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Friday, November 28, 2014

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Jeremy London in Demand -- with Police

Although he probably couldn't land a decent acting gig to save his life, recovering addict Jeremy London is still wanted, at least by police. Oddly enough, it seems everybody knows where to find the Party of Five actor but law enforcement. According to multiple media outlets, London and his on-again, off-again girlfriend got into a physical confrontation over their child where he allegedly assaulted her. The unnamed galpal contacted police, who are supposedly searching for the 39-year-old Z-lister. Obviously, they weren't looking too hard as he was spotted out and about by the paparazzi over the weekend. TMZ is reporting that London was partying it up in Hollywood with brother Jason and a posse of friends for their birthdays. London refused to comment on the fact he's a wanted man and went about his business. Meanwhile his rep maintains that London's girlfriend is full of it saying, "This is a false allegation and we understand that the police have to follow protocol in issuing and arrest warrant - standard when any woman files a complaint of domestic abuse. However, no such abuse occurred and these allegations will soon be proven false." His rep added that the former Celebrity Rehab patient has nothing to hide and is clean as a whistle. He adds, "Jeremy's legal counsel is cooperating with authorities and a factual account of the incident is on record. We anticipate Jeremy to be cleared of any wrongdoing as he continues to enjoy fatherhood and embrace sobriety."

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