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Duggar Miscarriage Memorial Raises Eyebrows
Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have never shied away from controversy. So why start now? The TLC reality stars are mourning the loss of their 20th child, who would have made her arrival in April. Duggar suffered a miscarriage despite being in her second trimester. The 45-year-old mom had gone in for a routine doctor's appointment last week when doctors discovered the baby had no heartbeat. The family was devastated by the tragic news. The 19 Kids and Counting couple surprised everyone when they decided to hold both a public and a private memorial for Jubilee Shalom Duggar at their Arkansas church. Hundreds of people turned out to support the family. But that's not the half of it. At the service, the Duggars distributed a photograph of Mom holding the hand of the deceased fetus. The message on the photograph read, "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world." Cousin Amy Duggar Tweeted the photo, which shows Mama Duggar holding the baby's hand, "RIP precious Jubilee Shalom Duggar! Can't wait to meet you someday, thank you Lord for giving our family peace." Jim Bob expressed his sorrow about the loss of Jubilee at the service, stating, "We won't be able to see this child's life and the phases that we've seen for our other children, but we know we will see this child in heaven one day. We are thankful for each child, and we are blessed to have the children we have here and the ones we will meet someday in heaven." Duggar has been plagued by pregnancy problems since giving birth to little Josie, who was born five months prematurely in 2010. Both mom and baby were left fighting for their lives after she she suffered pre-eclampsia. Josie turned two on December 10.

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