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Cher and Family Cheer Chaz on Dancing
Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Until now, Cher hasn't attended a single Dancing with the Stars episode to cheer on her son, Chaz, the show's first transgendered contestant. She cited not wanting to be a distraction from his dancing, but all that changed last night when Cher and a whole bunch of the Bono clan showed up to support Chaz. And after narrowly escaping elimination last week, Chaz said he and partner Lacey Schwimmer needed a boost. "It was a great night -- last week was a hard week, and everyone knew I was kind of feeling bad about it, so to come back this week and have my whole family there, it was amazing," Chaz told Radaronline.com. After injuring his knee, ankle and right leg, Chaz needed a push to get through a challenging paso doble, and he got it from exercise guru Richard Simmons this week. Cher had her ex's widow, Mary Bono, in tow Monday night, plus several of Chaz's siblings and his girlfriend, Jennifer Elba. And the "Believe" singer couldn't have been prouder of her son's performance, which netted a 21 out of 30 from the judges. Cher later tweeted, "OMG! I WAS CRYING ! WASNT EXPECTING 2 B SO NERVOUS ! BROKE MY BRACELET CLAPPING ! IM SO PROUD !! CHAZ WAS GREAT! LOVED DAVID ARQUETTE 2nd."

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