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Friday, October 31, 2014

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Bob Guiney Goes Back to Bachelorhood

First he was spurned by Trista Rehn Sutter in favor of her current husband, Ryan. Then he didn't find love on season four of The Bachelor. And now Bob Guiney is divorcing his wife Rebecca Budig after 5 years of marriage. This isn't the first time the Bachelor has been in front of the divorce judge - he divorced his first wife in 2002 before appearing on The Bachelorette with Trista. "Lately it's become clear that nothing is going to save this," a friend of Budig tells People magazine. "They've just grown apart and are no longer the people they were when they got married." The two met in January 2003 when Budig, who stars on All My Children hosted Bachelor XYZ, a recap of the reality series on ABC Family. Guiney, who most recently hosted the TLC show, Date My House, proposed just five months later. Budig was seen recently sans wedding ring at the Television Critics Association event - she pled lateness and forgetfulness in not donning the sparkler before leaving the house before beating feet away from reporters.

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