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Abdul Was Straight-Up Blindsided by X Factor Firing
Posted: Thursday, February 02, 2012

With friends like Simon Cowell, who needs enemies? For the second time in recent years, the fork-tongued Brit has fired one of his closest confidantes Paula Abdul. The 50-year-old singer/dancer/television personality was relieved from her post on the X Factor's panel of judges after just one season. One insider tells Radaronline.com that Abdul was informed by fired host Steve Jones that both of their numbers were up more than two weeks before the decision was made. And although she has supposedly put on a brave face, Abdul was stunned by the sudden termination. The source tells Radar, "Paula loved doing the show and was blindsided by the news. Everyone is afraid this is going to send her into a deep depression and cause her to revisit some of her old destructive behavior." After hearing the rumors, Abdul confronted Cowell about the chatter. The source adds, "After talking to Steve, Paula phoned Simon [Cowell] to ask him if the rumors were true, and he admitted that the powers that be at Fox didn't think she was 'edgy' enough to be brought back, but that he was working on trying to convince them to keep her on. And he told her if by some twist of fate he couldn't save her job, he would line something else up for her soon. It was actually Simon's lawyer who phoned her two days ago to tell her they made the decision to axe her, and although part of her expected the news, she was shocked." The word on the street is that Abdul will once again rise from the ashes, thanks to Cowell, who supposedly has another gig lined up for the "Opposites Attract" singer. Says the source, "She loved doing the show and never thought Simon would let her go...again...this makes twice that he's booted her from the judging chair - once on Idol and now X Factor - and she says she doesn't know if she can trust him again even if he does come up with another project for her." Hey, maybe the third time will be a charm for Abdul.

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