Sports Drinks

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Gatorade does not yet make a sugar-free sports drink, but they do make a reduced-calorie version of their traditional product. They call it G2 and it has 25 calories per serving, that is 100 calories for the 32 oz bottle. G2 has more sodium and vitamins than its calorie-free competitor. When choosing between the two, it would be best to decide on your priorities. If losing weight is your number one goal, then Powerade Zero would probably be your best option. If performance and recovery outweigh your need to battle the bulge, then the G2 might give you everything you need.

If you participate in endurance sports such as distance running or cycling, then you probably should not trade your traditional sports drink for the lower-calorie versions. Endurance athletes burn a lot of calories and need those extra carbohydrates to keep going. In addition to carbohydrates and electrolytes, Accelerade sports drink contains protein. Drinking sports drinks with added protein has been shown to enhance performance and speed recovery.

Water, Powerade Zero, Powerade, Gatorade, G2, Accelerade: the bottom line is there are a lot of options available in regards to hydration. There is a right time and place to use sports drinks. The drink you need for your gym workout today might not be what you need for that four- hour hike next week. Evaluate your personal goals and routine to help you decide which type of hydration is right for you.