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Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Free Radicals: Destructive Scavengers and the Vital Role Antioxidants Play

By Carina MacInnes
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Antioxidants from Vitamins E, C, and A actually pale in comparison to the phytonutrient antioxidants such as those found in red wine and blueberries. This is the reason for the French paradox -- why it is being recommended to drink wine, eat chocolate, and drink green tea. They provide better sources of antioxidants.

There is an even better source: the newly discovered acai berry, of the Brazilian rainforest. It provides antioxidants in strengths 33 times more powerful than red wine. It floods the body with massive amounts of antioxidants and other essential nutrients. The acai berry is the number one ingredient for anti-aging recommended by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, in his book The Perricone Promise.

The acai berry can be best added to the diet in liquid form. A small dose of several ounces daily will flood the body with the vital antioxidants it needs. The acai berry is the best way to add to your diet the most powerful antioxidants combating free radical damage.

Author Bio
Carina MacInnes is a writer and entrepreneur who chooses for her daily antioxidant supplement a powerful nutrient packed juice containing vital amounts of the acai berry. Try it yourself: drinkacai.com - For information on how to make a living distributing this top-quality product, visit imagineacai.com.

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