Dear Dairy: 5 Bennies You May Not Know

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We've all heard that milk does a body good, but do you really know why? Milk's health-enhancing benefits go beyond building stronger bones. There's a whole list of perks that this dairy dream provides. 

However, most people are unaware of the most obscure benefits of milk. Read on to learn why milk is one of the body's best friends. 

Benefit 1: Dairy Might Improve Blood Pressure 

Spanish researchers published a study in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2009 and found that consumption of low-fat dairy could have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. The researchers studied more than 2,290 older adults who were at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Those who consumed the most low-fat dairy saw drops in systolic (the first/top number) and diastolic (the second/bottom number) blood pressure of 4.2 and 1.8 mmHg. 

Another study by Spanish researchers found that those who consumed more low-fat dairy were less likely than non- or low-dairy consumers to develop high blood pressure by about 54 percent over a span of two years. The researchers surmised this might be related to proteins in dairy: caseins and whey.