Smokers and Exercise

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At first glance, smoking and exercising do not seem to go hand in hand. Smokers are generally not known for their stamina and overall good health. They do, however, put their health in jeopardy if they do not engage in some kind of exercise to offset the health effects of smoking. If you are a smoker, this is probably not what you want to hear. But there is good news; exercise can help to keep your general health in a better state.

One of the main detriments of smoking is the effect it has on a person's heart. Every time nicotine is taken into the body, it releases adrenaline into the smoker's system. What this does is cause an increase in heart rate, eventually weakening the heart long before nature would have deemed it time for the heart's performance to decline.

One of the easiest ways to battle this decline is to put some good, old-fashioned cardio into your workout. Running, jogging or brisk walking would be a good recommendation for those not currently in the best of shape. Inevitably, there will be some discomfort when trying to get in those big gasps of air needed when one is expending large amounts of energy. For those smokers who are already semi-active, basketball, tennis or classic aerobics are the next step up.